Liberty or Coercion?

Member Group : PA Right to Work

This Labor Day we issue a challenge to the big labor union bosses: Defend your
position of supporting continued coercive, forced dues policies for Pennsylvania
workers! We will debate you anytime, anywhere, in any forum. We are confident that our message of Liberty will defeat the big labor message of coercion!

Around America, states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are on the cusp of becoming Right to Work states. Pennsylvania cannot afford to continue to be left behind! Year after year, regardless of what party is in control in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania continues to be ranked as one of the unfriendliest states for business. A right to work law for Pennsylvania would not only be a victory for liberty, but it would also be a cost free stimulus bill, bringing thousands of jobs to our Commonwealth. This is far more effective than any taxpayer funded subsidy for multi-billion dollar corporations.

Right to work for Pennsylvania is the right choice in this time of economic
troubles.With union influence ever on the decline, Harrisburg must realize that
there is no political risk involved. During the primaries, not a single cosponsor of Right to Work was defeated. Now many of our legislative warriors face no opposition in November.Make no mistake, greater economic freedom is on the move in Pennsylvania, but we must continue to move forward, if we do not wish to see our state continue to suffer economic decline.


Pennsylvanians for Right to Work is a non-profit citizens organization dedicated to the single issue of providing freedom of choice with respect to labor union membership for all Pennsylvania’s working citizens. Their website address To schedule an interview, debate, or radio program, please contact Julian Stolz at 610-360-6465.