Liquor Store Privatization Could Yield $2 Billion

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Editor’s Note: This is part one of our "Capitol Projects" series. Between Election Day and the beginning of the new legislative session in January, this series of special reports will highlight the most important issues facing the General Assembly and governor-elect Tom Corbett. The topics included were chosen for the impact they will have on the citizens of Pennsylvania and were drawn from the campaign promises of our elected officials.Privatizing the state liquor stores is one proposal advocated by House Republicans and Governor-elect Tom Corbett, but the plan’s strategies and the plan itself have varying support across Pennsylvania.

State Rep. Mike Turzai (R – Allegheny), who will serve as Majority Leader next session, has been touting the concept for a year. Mr. Corbett has also expressed a desire to privatize the state’s 621 liquor stores.

Mr. Turzai believes leasing the stores could provide the state with $2 billion in up-front revenue in 2011, which could help close an expected budget deficit from $4 billion to $5 billion. He has also projected 850 businesses would be created by the privatization of the state-run stores, not including those created through the expansion of the wine and liquor industry in Pennsylvania. Click here to read more.
Major Donors Grab Top Spots In Corbett Transition Team
Also appoints Bob Asher, once convicted of political corruption, to inauguration committee
Pennsylvania governor-elect Tom Corbett named the members of his transition team Wednesday, a group of 10 individuals who will guide the changeover from the administration of current Gov. Ed Rendell.
Though the positions are unpaid, the individuals included on the list are made contributions of more than $1.5 million to Mr. Corbett’s campaign since the beginning of 2009.
Transition teams are made up of political supporters of candidates who have won a new office. They meet with key members of the outgoing administration to discuss the status of budgets and various ongoing activities. They also size up which current employees might be retained in the new administration. Click here to read more.
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