Meet Eight Republicans OK With Union Violence

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

We noted last year unions and management are currently exempt from prosecution under Pennsylvania’s laws governing stalking, harassment and threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. The two chambers of the General Assembly were unable to agree on the language used to close the loopholes last session.

On April 21st, the Pennsylvania House passed legislation to close loopholes exempting unions and members of management from criminal prosecution. Eight members of the Republican caucus against closing the loophole:

Rep. Gene DiGirolamo
Rep. Frank Ferry
Rep. Bob Godshall
Rep. Nick Miccarelli
Rep. Tom Murt
Rep. Bernie O’Neil
Rep. John Taylor
Rep. Martina White

These eight Republicans joined with every Democrat, except Rep. Greg Vitali, in ensuring members of unions and management escape prosecution when they break the law if they are a party to a labor dispute.

Here is the final roll call vote[EL] and the text of the legislation. We will keep you updated as the bill makes its way through the Senate.

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