Metcalfe Appointed GOP Chair of House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

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Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
12th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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November 20, 2009

Metcalfe Appointed Republican Chairman of
House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

Pennsylvania’s No. 1Conservative lawmaker views leadership role as
prime opportunity to uphold and defend Constitutional liberties,
protect taxpayers and advance traditional family values

HARRISBURG—State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) has been
named Republican chairman of the Pennsylvania House Intergovernmental
Affairs Committee.

"At the age of 17 when I enlisted in the U.S. Army I raised my hand and
swore an oath to protect our Constitution," said Metcalfe, whose
honorable service record between 1980-84 includes defending the West
German border during the height of the Cold War. "Every elected
official from local government officials to state legislators to the
president of the United States swears a similar oath.

"Now after battling in the political arena for more than a decade, I
have encountered far too many lawmakers in the Pennsylvania General
Assembly who do not care about the self evident, individual liberties
that are affirmed in our state and federal constitutions. Instead they
view our constitutions as obstacles between them and their objective to
obtain more control of our lives and confiscating more of our incomes.
This chairmanship and the work of this committee presents a prime time
opportunity to uphold and defend the foundational documents of the
American way of life and to affirm, protect and advance our God-given,
not government-given personal liberties," added Metcalfe.

The Intergovernmental Affairs Committee considers legislation that is
related to relationships among the various levels of local, state and
federal government, including unfunded mandates, flag burning,
interstate compacts, state sovereignty, and the repeal of outdated and
unnecessary statutes.

During the last completed session of the General Assembly, the
committee considered legislation dealing with the implementation of Real
ID. The federal act mandates minimum nationwide standards for state
driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards. Currently,
committee members have been focused on providing legislative oversight
regarding how individual state agencies are distributing federal
stimulus funding.

Recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as the Pennsylvania General
Assembly’s "No. 1 Conservative," and a multiple-time, highest-ranking
lawmaker on the Pennsylvania Liberty Index, Metcalfe remains a leader on
the issues of taxpayer protection, education reform, ending
Pennsylvania’s illegal alien invasion, the preservation of Second
Amendment freedoms, outlawing teacher strikes and compulsory unionism.

His other legislative initiatives include proposals to completely
eliminate property taxes within the Commonwealth and requiring voter
referendum for any and all future local tax increases.

"For the past seven years, state government spending during the
reform-vetoing, welfare-state-expanding Rendell administration has
increased exponentially beyond the rate of inflation like some sort of
fiscally insane Groundhog Day," said Metcalfe. "Just as I have done
since I was first sworn into office in 1998, I will not hesitate to use
this chairmanship or any other of my committee responsibilities to
defend traditional marriage and our free market economy or to speak out
against socialized medicine, taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens
or any other government expenditure that falls outside the crystal clear
guidelines of our state and federal constitutions."

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