Metcalfe: Wolf ‘Pathetically Weak, Traitorous Sellout on Energy’

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HARRISBURG – House Majority Environmental Resources and Energy (ERE) Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) sent the following letter today in response to Gov. Tom  Wolf’s latest fake climate science driven, Chicken Little refusal to support the Ukrainian people by rejecting all Russian imports and expanding domestic energy production:

“Dear Governor Wolf,

“I received your tone-deaf, misleading, and deceptive response to the letter that the majority of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee sent you last week.  I write you again myself to call on you to rethink your position and to instead take decisive action to support Ukraine by doing everything possible to increase our domestic energy production to assist our allies around the globe.

“As I worked on the original letter to you, I had hoped that the reality of the lives lost and horrific suffering of the Ukrainian people who have been attacked by Putin’s criminal war machine would have woke you from your climate change obsession.

“The Committee’s letter was sent to you because I and 14 of my colleagues who signed the letter thought this was an opportune time to unite as a state and nation and speak with our words and actions in one voice opposing Russia’s horrific actions.

“Your repetition of the political mantra of stressing the importance of climate change above all else at this extremely tragic and consequential moment, when the Ukrainian people are being attacked and murdered while energy prices soar across the globe, is unbelievable and callous, even for you.  You must know that you are an extreme outlier even within your own party, as there have been widespread bipartisan calls at the federal level for banning the importation of Russian oil and gas.

“You mentioned ‘facts’ so let’s talk about some facts, which you either seem to be unaware of or are intentionally ignoring. The United States in 2021 imported 245 million barrels of crude oil and related petroleum products from Russia, which equates to 672,000 barrels every single day. Russia is the primary supplier to Europe of natural gas and crude oil with European Union member nations receiving 41% of their natural gas from Russia.

“Your letter has entirely missed the point of the committee’s letter to you and ignores the current global situation we find ourselves in. It should be clear even to you that importing any amount of Russian oil or gas is unacceptable, as any single cent that we give to Russia by purchasing their energy products is money that can go to fund their invasion efforts and the killing of innocent Ukrainian citizens.

“This is particularly the case as it is so unnecessary for us to be purchasing anything from Russia considering the bountiful resources we have the potential to unlock here within our Commonwealth and nation.

“Pennsylvania has the ability to increase our oil and gas production and to get more of it to our free world allies so they can be less reliant on Russia. If you are unwilling or unable to be a vocal leader to support our allies and increase our domestic production, the very least you could do is to get out of the way and stop taking actions to make this more difficult.

“Your response to our letter was predictable based on your unconstitutional violations of Pennsylvanians’ rights throughout the Covid pandemic.

“As you know I was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit we brought against you and your unconstitutional stay-at-home orders, business closures and gathering limits.  Federal Judge Stickman’s ruling declared your actions unconstitutional on all counts!

“You not only violated the rights of your fellow citizens but destroyed many of their lives and livelihoods.  Your dictates, following Cuomo’s lead, resulted in many of our nursing home residents dying!

“As I am sure you know I have introduced a resolution to impeach you for these and other acts you have committed against your neighbors.  Even after you end this lame duck term a constitutional amendment should be utilized to ensure you and others who committed these terrible acts are held accountable in order for the people to receive justice!”

Follow the link below to review the governor’s letter: