A #MeToo Backlash is Brewing

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Women will lead the backlash to the #MeToo movement.

Combatants will include loving daughters, sisters, wives and, especially, the mothers of boys facing the pressures of “Kavanaugh-proofing” the good men in their lives from unproven and unprovable career- and life-destroying allegations of sexual misconduct.

 Melissa Danford, an “Army wife and homeschooling mother of four spirited boys,” wrote: “I cannot accept a world in which my sons will be raised under the tyranny of a lawless, vindictive society that wants to oppress men in the name of equality for women.”

Danford: “In the military it is common knowledge…that a mere accusation of sexual harassment or assault…is enough to end a man’s career… an unfortunate but expected development in a military that is entirely beholden to the forces of feminism…. This Brett Kavanaugh…affair has shown me that wives and mothers of sons everywhere need to take a stand.”

Danford continues: “People think mere accusations, made without evidence and decades after the fact, should result in intrusive and embarrassing investigations simply because a woman made them. Men are to be afforded no due process or opportunity to defend themselves… These…standards inhibit civil society, for under them vindictive or zealous people can threaten, shame, or marginalize unpopular voices using unfounded and fabricated accusations. This is the opposite of equality before the law.”

Tragically, genuine victims’ claims are effectively weakened by others’ fabricated accusations, personal or political.

Their exploitation of Christine Blasey Ford’s decades-old, eleventh-hour allegations against judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh is ample evidence that cynical militant-feminists and Democrats have taken America Through the Looking Glass.

Ford cannot remember fundamental details of something she calls her life’s most traumatic experience; she told no one, not her mother or best friend, thirty-six years ago; everyone else she identified as present denies knowledge of the event, including Ford’s lifelong girlfriend; Ford’s parents and siblings are conspicuously absent from a recent letter of family support; “corroborative” 2012 notes by Ford’s marriage counselor reveal other inconsistencies in Ford’s story, but don’t name Kavanaugh.

Adam Mill, an attorney specializing in labor and employment law, compiled a list of “10 Red Flags About Sexual Assault Claims” that “warn that an innocent person stands accused.”

Ford raised Mill’s first flag by opting for media/political theater rather than legal prosecution. Other red flags raised include “timing for advantage,” forcing, then “delegitimizing the defense” before committing to a final charge, “unusual demands to modify or control the process,” and, finally, “witnesses don’t corroborate.”

Left-wing misandrists’ nihilistic treatment of men is designed to favor womyn and liberal-media/feminist-pre-approved beta-male ideologues by purging the political pool of highly-qualified men unwilling to run the feminist gauntlet.

Misused, America’s #MeToo moment has become “#YouToo,” imperiling all men and society at large.

Melissa Danford, again: “It’s time to take a stand. Mammas, we have to fight for our men, because they are in danger. My father is, my husband is, and my sons are. Your father is, your husband is, and your sons are. This madness will consume them all.”