Michael Moore May Prevail on Health Care

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It is time a Conservative looks dispassionately at Michael Moore and his documentary entitled "Sicko" First of all I would like to run him down for carrying far too many supersized meals like everybody else does, but one look in the mirror precludes this assault.

For those who are unfamiliar with the documentary or fortunately forgot it existed, let me remind you of it’s content. Michael Moore has three prescriptions to cure our inferior health care system as he sees it. They are, free universal lifetime health care, elimination of all health insurers and to regulate pharmaceutical companies like utilities. With this premise, he set out with camera and wholly unethical editing techniques, to promote socialized medicine the world over.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit I did not actually watch the
documentary and only those with Che T-shirts actually did, but that really doesn’t matter, but from reading reviews, he could find no fault with the Canadian or English health care systems. Then in a move to embarrass the United States, he took several 9/11 survivors who needed health care to Cuba for treatment there.

According to reports at the time, 2007, he claimed that Cuba had a superior system to the ours.

There are several bills now before the House and Senate that will in all likelihood fill Michael Moore’s prescription. With this real possibility and a majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate and a Stalinist in the White House, it could in just short time make Moore’s film look positively prescient.

Sitting on the sideline and doing nothing will literally hand to loyal bureaucrats the power of life and death. Do you want some AFSME, public school graduate beholding to the Democrat Party deciding if you get a transplant or dialysis? If so, just go along with what is happening. If you fear for your life and freedom, stand up and fight.