Michigan Workers Celebrate

Member Group : PA Right to Work

As Pennsylvanians begin to see signs of resurgence across the state and winter turns into spring, Michigan workers are embarking on a resurgence of their own as today is the day the Right to Work law Gov. Snyder signed late last year becomes law.

This legislation gives workers the ability to choose whether union membership is appropriate for them and their families, or if they are better off negotiating for themselves.

Thanks to this legislation’s passage, Michigan will start to experience the same economic prosperity Indiana has since it passed similar legislation a year ago. In the last year, Indiana has seen almost 100 business express interest in moving there, generating 5,000 jobs and putting $500 million into that state’s economy.

"The real question," says PA Right to Work CEO Susan Staub, "Is what the union bosses have against our workers here in PA that they don’t want that kind of growth here in PA."

We celebrate the freedom Michigan workers are experiencing today and the corresponding economic growth that will follow. The legislators in Michigan stood up to the shrill voices of the union bosses and their threats of violence, acts of thuggery, and empty threats of reprisal at the ballot box.

The questions is, will our legislators in Pennsylvania do the same and do what is right for all workers in the Commonwealth by implementing this no-cost path to economic growth? Or will they allow this draconian system of legalized theft known as compulsory unionism continues? It’s time for our legislators to step up so a year from now Pennsylvania’s workers can be celebrating their own freedom and PA can be looking forward to its own resurgence.

Contact: Susan Staub (717-422-5079) or Matthew Wagner (570-380-3303)


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