Mobs are Testing Normal Americans’ Limits

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Recently, left-liberal activists, agitators and nihilists have been busy conducting and carrying their usual campaigns against normalcy to illogical, sometimes lawless extremes, and, in the process, are pushing even the most easy-going Americans to and beyond their normally-generous tolerance limits.

Mobs of uptight, aggressive, ambitious, often-criminal, left-liberal malcontents are prompting regular Americans to think about “limits,” and decide what exceeds theirs. There’s lots to consider.

For context, not very long ago, #MeToo was a huge issue – liberal feminist mobs viewed all men as potential rapists and “patriarchy-oppressed” women as victims – in waiting, if not in fact.

Disputing either characterization was virtually guaranteed to attract liberal wrath. Generally, though, unless one was unjustly victimized, #MeToo excesses fell short of most regular folks’ limits, so people just shut up and shrugged it off. Big mistake. Shutting up only emboldens the mob.

Thankfully, #MeToo faded when the “wrong” people – celebrity and media liberals, mostly – were implicated.

More recently, tolerance limits were tested again when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and state-imposed closures affected most businesses, all public and private schools, dine-in restaurants, amateur and professional team sports, theaters, churches, and social gatherings, among other enterprises, institutions, popular pastimes and diversions.

Thirty million working Americans lost jobs. Small businesses and chain retailers began to fail. Some lower/mid-level tuition-dependent private colleges may never reopen.

Then, several months into COVID closures, a black man died under the knee of a white Minneapolis policeman, at which point even a global pandemic took a backseat to the dubious message that racial oppression is virtually everywhere. Almost immediately, an Obama-era mob calling themselves “Black Lives Matter” reassembled to push the notion of collective guilt for “racial injustice” on the entire white race.

Even though there are far more black-on-black and black-on-white crimes annually than there are white-on-black crimes, it took just one black career criminal, one rogue white cop and an overheated American media to send left-liberal localities out of control.

Violence, looting, arson and vandalism ensued in large cities where passive elected officials and law enforcement simply stood down and watched the chaos – along with all of America. Anarchists took over part of Seattle, where the city’s mayor described their encampment as a “Summer of Love” – until the sexual assaults and shootings began.

Ironically, pandemic-restricted merchants in all those jurisdictions could still be arrested for reopening businesses, while rioters were given free rein to destroy them.

Furthermore, mass demonstrations – in which some elected hypocrites participated – violated state-imposed mitigation protocols and spiked COVID infections, spurring demands to extend shutdowns at the expense of innocent, law-abiding Americans already suffering from closures.

Apparently, nothing says “racial justice” like hot 60-inch flat screen TVs, Rolexes or pricey Nikes. One pathetic, skinny white dude was filmed boosting LEGOs. In fact, there were quite a few white, credentialed, but undereducated young losers among the media-styled “mostly peaceful” thieves, arsonists, vandals and occupiers. A Pew Research analysis found that, nationally, only one protester in six was black.

Frankly, that’s unsurprising.

Commentator Brendan O’Neill wrote, “It is important to understand where this distracting moral project comes from. It is an outlook of the privileged elites, very often white elites. It comes from academia, from the media class, from the younger members of the political establishment. For years now, these privileged elites have promoted hostility to whiteness.”

In effect, the rioting and currently-prevailing left-liberal and media messages about “racial justice” are in-your-face attempts to somehow hold all whites responsible for George Floyd’s death.

Limits, officially exceeded. One man killed George Floyd. It wasn’t me, you, or anyone we know.

People offended by the mob’s false indictment should remember three things: 1) A huge majority of Americans – black, brown and white – are “normals,” 2) irrational, aggressive mobs are far smaller parts of America than sympathetic left-liberal media make them out to be, and, most important, 3) never kneel to a mob.

Kneeling won’t save you. It won’t make the mob like or respect you. Nothing satisfies mobs, so don’t even try.

Resist them.