Murphy’s Law, the ‘Biden Corollary’

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We’ll get to the headline, but, first…

Since I began publishing, quite a few readers – and one editor – have accused me of “singling out” Democrats, even though I’ve been criticizing the Republican Party and individual Republicans in local and national outlets for years.

In 2010 I wrote, “Republican Party must rethink its approach to grassroots groups,” and, “Last chance for Republicans.” I published a 2015 piece entitled, “Not Sarah Palin – not again.”

In 2011, I even asked, “Are Conservatives Being Fair to Barack Obama?”

I’ve written about government policy, economics, jobs, education (public and higher), baseball (Go, Phillies!), life (pro), energy (ditto), anthropogenic global warming (skeptic), immigration (prefer “legal”), voting rights (and wrongs), public service unions (anti), and culture, among other topics, not always strictly in a political context.

Over time, my reader emails have generally run about six or seven to one in favor, but it’s always that “one” that provides the greatest entertainment value, especially since Joe Biden began pretending to be president.

Critical readers often respond to my commentary about Jurassic Joe with objections that include, “But, TRUMP…!” or words to that effect.

Since January, 2021, nearly every huffy reaction I’ve received to a Biden feature has included a derogatory reference to former-President Donald Trump. Perhaps changing the subject helps them justify or excuse their votes for/defense of a clearly-diminished political relic who was never very smart.

In fact, I was also critical of Mr. Trump following his 2015 announcement and during the 2016 primary season. He didn’t get my primary vote.

In 2015, I incorporated another writer’s reaction to Trump’s announcement into this: “Donald Trump: ‘The ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula’”

In early 2016, I mused, “What’ll I do if Trump is nominated?”

The alternative was unthinkable, so I voted for Donald Trump, and, although I’d prefer he play kingmaker in 2024, if he runs and is nominated, I’ll vote for him again – but for substantial reasons.

Republicans, generally, have seldom been fighters. The party’s frustrating non-belligerence became especially obvious during the Obama years.

Trump’s fighting spirit was and is a major part of his appeal to many rank-and-file Republicans. That his 2016 opponent was arguably the worst candidate in history helped him win.

I’ve always liked Trump’s combative nature, but never cared for his style, especially in office. Frankly, I think he unnecessarily turned off a lot of female voters.

An old friend who met Mr. Trump (pre-presidency) more than once told me, “Donald Trump may be the biggest (anal orifice) in the history of (anal orifices), but I’m glad he’s my president.”

I understood and shared that sentiment.

Business people who employ, and Americans who have or had careers as outside salespeople, sales managers, marketers and similar endeavors focus on and prioritize results.

For them, the clock turns over every year. Employers review prior year achievements, and, on January 1, ask each, “What are you going to do for me this year?”

Forecasts are made, objectives set, performance is measured against and compensation based on those and last year’s results.

In that world, unless personalities damage them, personalities are nearly always subordinate to results.

As president, Trump got results: he secured America’s southern border; grownups ran foreign policy; the Middle East was quiet; Asian antagonists were contained; inflation was under control; energy was affordable; violent crime was primarily a Democrat-jurisdictional problem; the economy and dollar were strong; and Treasury receipts set records.

Hostile corporate media downplayed or ignored Trump’s successful results as diligently as they dismissed Hunter Biden’s pre-election laptop revelations and, currently, are hiding or excusing Joe Biden’s failures.

Rather than covering Biden’s open borders/illegal immigration crisis, energy costs, skyrocketing inflation, shortages, foreign policy blunders, and rampant violent crime, media is feeding the public a steady diet of distractions – “Ukraine,” “Putin,” “Russia,” “white supremacy,” “LGBTQXYZ rights,” and “global warming,” among others.

But media cannot paper over Joe Biden’s conspicuous incompetence.

Now, about that headline…

In its simplest form, Murphy’s Law states: “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Some add, “…and at the worst possible time,” and/or “…in the worst possible way.”

But, another unaccredited addition has been floating about for years. Let’s call it the “Biden Corollary.”  It states, “Murphy was an optimist.”

Joe Biden changed Murphy’s “anything” to “everything.”

The Biden administration is a national disaster.