Murtha Continues to Undermine Troops

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In recent interviews defending President Obama’s slow decision making on Afghanistan, Congressman John Murtha continues to undermine our troops, embolden our enemies, and place our country in greater danger. He does this by drawing on the wrong lessons from his own experience in Vietnam, and endorsing the enemy’s propaganda.

By continually questioning the request for more troops, Mr. Obama and Mr. Murtha are signaling the possibility that America might withdraw as we did in Vietnam. But unlike Vietnam, we do not have the choice of leaving and withdrawing to our own peaceful shores. We have no choice; WE MUST WIN. We are fighting an enemy that attacked the United States and murdered nearly 3000 innocent Americans before our very eyes. Handing this enemy victory is not an option.

Like the North Vietnamese, our current enemy follows the American anti-war movement and politicians to determine if they can defeat us.

The actions and arguments of Mr. Murtha and Mr. Obama are telling the enemy "America’s political resolve is wavering. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban can win."

As a Marine Intelligence Officer in Vietnam and savvy politician, Mr. Murtha bears special responsibility for this message. At every turn since November of 2005, he has endorsed the enemy’s propaganda and undermined America’s Soldiers in harm’s way. He openly called for withdrawal from Iraq, he falsely labeled our troops as cold blooded murderers, and he is currently highlighting some of the corruption issues of the Afghanistan government (which are so similar to his own) while ignoring the brutality of the enemy. He should know better as these were common messages of the anti-war movement during Vietnam.

Mr. Murtha is using the enemy’s propaganda as his own political message to pay back President Obama for saving him in the last election. But in doing so, he is telling our enemy that we are not determined to win. By his actions, Mr. Murtha is emboldening the enemy and setting America’s Soldiers up for defeat. He is telling the enemy that if they just keep killing enough of our Soldiers and innocent Afghan civilians to make the evening news, they can win – just like Vietnam.