Nancy Pelosi Prefers Border Chaos

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Apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the southern border are rising. March and April each saw more than 100,000 apprehensions, and in May the number spiked to nearly 145,000.

It is bad enough that Congressional Democrats refuse to fund additional border security, in many cases flipping 180 degrees from their position on border security in just the past few years. This can be explained though, by their unyielding hatred for President Trump.

But Democrats claim to care about the migrants who are entering the country in record numbers.

So, what explains the complete lack of action by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives on a reasonable $4.5 billion request for humanitarian aid that the Trump administration made many months ago?

This is not funding for the border wall. It would allow the government to process individuals more quickly and house them in three new 500-bed migrant processing facilities. The $4.5 billion is separated into $3.4 billion for humanitarian assistance and $1.1 billion for border operations. It is a reasonable request.

The House of Representatives have ignored this funding request for several months, allowing the crisis to become far worse.

The Senate has begun work on the funding request and related asylum policy this week and floor passage is expected by early July.

But where is the House of Representatives?

Freshman Twitter and Instagram sensation Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat, set social media on fire this week by ludicrously claiming that the Trump administration is running “concentration camps” on the southern border.

Any comparison between Nazi death camps and the makeshift facilities that hold illegal immigrants while their asylum claims are processed is ridiculous and offensive.

It also pretends that such detention facilities were not used during the Obama administration.

But the question remains: If a crisis exists and if Democrats claim to care about these migrants, why do they refuse to pass the humanitarian aid that the Trump administration has requested? For months, Democrats denied a crisis existed at the southern border, but now basically admit to it.

They only plausible explanation is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, wishes for the crisis to continue.

She wants the chaos to proceed because she wants to use the chaos to attack the Trump administration. Put simply, she wants the issue more than she wants a solution.

Congressional inaction on the humanitarian crisis at the southern border is unconscionable and freshman Rep. Chip Roy, Texas Republican, decided that he could not stand it any longer.

He controversially delayed a voice vote of a recent disaster supplemental funding bill because he wanted a roll-call vote on the measure, and he wanted to try to attach the humanitarian aid to the must-pass bill.

He has forced additional roll call votes to call attention to the lack of action on this pressing issue, angering members in both parties as they have had to miss dinners and fundraising events. He is promising additional procedural tactics unless Congress acts.

“Until we have addressed the border crisis legitimately, Congress should not be conducting business as usual,” Mr. Roy said. “Congress should not be on autopilot while the American citizens and migrants, who seek to come here, are being harmed.”

Republicans, Democrats, and even border-town mayors are increasingly speaking out on the harm that congressional inaction is causing.

Why won’t Mrs. Pelosi demonstrate her compassion for these migrants by increasing funding for humanitarian aid?

Her silence is deafening.

  Matt Mackowiak is president of Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.-based Potomac Strategy Group. He’s a Republican consultant, a Bush administration and Bush-Cheney reelection campaign veteran and former press secretary to two U.S. senators.


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