Nationally Democrats Are in Disarray

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

One need not be a Democrat to notice that, despite some local and state-wide successes, the Democratic Party is in disarray nationally.

In fact, attentive outsiders have a far clearer understanding than its operatives of the Democratic Party’s political, cultural and social fault lines – and not for the first time.

Following their 2016 General Election “Hillary’s a shoo-in” debacle, Democrats were too fragmented to perform an objective autopsy on their own political cadaver. The party’s internal postmortems studiously avoided introspection and uncomfortable truths.

In November, 2016, Democrats characterized Donald Trump’s election as a national calamity, even though, pre-inauguration, the only “calamity” was theirs. Democrats’ reluctance to face that and subsequent realities and adjust has damaged their prospects outside mostly-urban/coastal liberal enclaves.

Today, non-self-aware Democrats are struggling to explain how and why the enlightened, morally-superior party they imagine themselves to be is losing/has lost jurisdictions and constituencies they once controlled. Rather than serious introspection, the party “explains” its losses by describing Republican, lost Democrat voters and normally Dem-leaning independents as racist, homophobic, sexist, greedy, evil, and/or stupid, among other pejoratives.

Democrats could have reexamined their 2016 policies and nominee objectively, and reached far different conclusions. But, no…

The Democratic Party has effectively abandoned its historical base by focusing on globalism, and indulging urban and unconventional cultural and social minorities, while ignoring the economic plight of working class voters. The party prioritizes racial, gender and other ideological or tribal sub-groups and special interests that alienate traditional rank-and-file Democrats who feel that the party has lost interest in and takes them for granted.

The most common liberal responses have been that the party’s future and “the country’s salvation” lie in identity politics, directly implying that the nation is in need of “salvation.”

Not all traditional Democrats agree. In fact, many of them believe that those most in need of salvation are party elites, “wokesters,” and other special interests to which party leaders pander.

According to an ABC News/Ipsos poll, “three-quarters of Americans (76%) think the country is headed in the wrong direction.” Statistically, that number must include traditional Democrats who, like non-Democrats, fear the current administration is destroying America – and their futures – from the inside.

After all, traditional Democrats are being forced to pay the same inflated prices as everyone else for food, fuel, housing, and other necessities, and pay interest on the enormous – and expanding – national debt. Traditional Democrats endured the same COVID-era medical tyranny; shared the national disgrace of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal; their children (especially) are also being denied quality educations; everyone – including Democrats – is being forced to accept shelling out $billions annually for inadequate energy technologies; and Democrats are the primary victims of the violent crime and pilferage now common in Democrat-governed cities.

Traditional Democrats’ young children and grandchildren are among those being exposed to anomalous sexual practices in schools and public places, and targeted by the trans activists whose “interests” their party elites favor. Democrats’ tax money, too, is being squandered on the administration’s $4.1 billion “investment” in global LGBTQ initiatives, including in countries that execute gays.

Furthermore, the brutal, bloody, Iran-supported Hamas attack on Israeli civilians triggered ugly, amoral, sometimes violent pro-Hamas/anti-Semitic demonstrations at a number of liberal U.S. colleges and cities that effectively called for genocide, and opened many non-Jewish Americans’ eyes to potential homeland threats.

To the initial delight of morally-preening “No one is illegal” left-wingers, President(ish) Joe Biden opened our southern border to millions of illegal aliens, including cartel and criminal elements, that have since overwhelmed Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cites,” and across which hundreds of people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list have almost certainly slipped.

Any questions about terrorist attacks on American soil may no longer be “if” they will occur, but “when” and “where?”

Currently, despite politically-motivated prosecutions, President Donald Trump leads President(ish) Biden by increasingly substantial margins in nearly every 2024 presidential poll, including the latest New York Times/Sienna College poll that illustrates how badly the coalition that elected Biden is fraying. In it, Trump leads Biden in five of the six key battleground states that Biden carried in 2020: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

But, worried Democrats can take comfort in the likelihood that, next year, “clean/green” energy grifters, anti-Semites, voting age criminals, groomers, “women” with XY and “men” with XX chromosomes will be voting for their nominee.