New CF Video: Know the Drill, the Truth About Natural Gas

Member Group : Commonwealth Foundation

Today, the Commonwealth Foundation unveiled a new video series titled Know the Drill: The Truth About Natural Gas. The first video in the series, Know the Drill: Community Impact looks at the impact of Pennsylvania’s natural gas drilling on local communities, like those in Bradford County, which leads the state in drilling activity.

The Marcellus Shale gas has provided an economic boom to Pennsylvania, with the potential to create 111,000 jobs and contribute $987 million in revenue to Pennsylvania by 2011. Bradford County, for example, leads the state in job creation, adding 2,500 new jobs. But some see this as a threat to the environment, and others merely want to use natural gas drilling to fill state tax coffers.

Know the Drill: The Truth About Natural Gas will examine the community, economic, environmental, and fiscal impacts of Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom