News radio 1020 KDKA Launches FM Simulcasts

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Hear KDKA Crystal-Clear on HD3 Channels of B94, Y108 and Star 100.7

PITTSBURGH – The world’s pioneer commercial radio station, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA, can now be heard on FM.

KDKA’s programming is now airing on the HD3 channels of its three CBS Radio Pittsburgh sister stations: WBZW-FM 93.7 (B94), WDSY-FM 107.9 (Y108) and WZPT-FM 100.7 (Star 100.7). The crystal-clear news-talk programming can be heard only on high definition receivers, available wherever radios are sold.

“I am pleased to see the distribution of KDKA’s programming expanded,” said Michael Young, CBS Radio senior vice president and Pittsburgh market manager. “This will provide our audience with additional ways to listen to KDKA’s news reporting and talk programs.”

“This is radio the way it was meant to be heard,” said KDKA program director Marshall Adams. “The sound is fuller and more brilliant. Our news and talk has never sounded better.”

HD technology allows FM stations to create subchannels, offering listeners more programming choices. One of the two subchannels on each CBS Radio FM station in Pittsburgh now simulcasts KDKA, 24 hours a day.

KDKA began simulcasting on WDSY and WZPT’s HD3 channels on Nov. 10, and WBZW’s HD3 on Dec. 2.

On May 21, KDKA began broadcasting its monster 50,000-watt signal on 1020 kHz in high definition. KDKA has been heard worldwide since March 14, 2005, when the station started streaming at

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Director of News/Talk Programming