NFIB Applauds Effort to Curb Costs

NFIB Applauds Taxpayers’ Caucus Effort to Curb Costs and Spur Expansion
Reducing regulatory burden and simplifying taxes will lead to a better PA economy

HARRISBURG, PA. (May 24, 2016) – The National Federation of Independent Business
(NFIB) appreciates the hard work of the Taxpayers’ Caucus to develop a plan to
reduce state spending, address the biggest cost drivers in the budget, reform the regulatory system, and to look for ways to improve Pennsylvania’s economic standing in the future.

The 14,000 small businesses NFIB represents in Pennsylvania report that they are
concerned about increasing state debt, uncontrolled spending, and the threat of
higher taxes. The Taxpayers’ Caucus report addresses many of those concerns.

"Status quo forces in Harrisburg consistently want us to believe the only option to deal with our budgetary challenges is to raise taxes, but how refreshing to see a proposal that gives page after page of specific savings and ways to realize them," said Neal Lesher, legislative director of NFIB/PA. "What is really important about this plan is that it offers ways to spur small-business growth through better tax policy. That, in turn, leads to more job creation and more tax dollars coming to the state.

"Right now small-business owners spend weeks gathering documents and hiring experts to prepare two sets of tax returns for the state and federal filings," said Lesher.

"Two bills supported by the Taxpayers’ Caucus make state and federal tax policy more uniform. Another allows small businesses be on an equal footing with larger
corporations when it comes to spreading out their losses in a down year. All of
these measures will help grow the state economy and create jobs.

"We also appreciate that the Caucus recognized that regulatory reform is needed in this state. Our members frequently report that the constant onslaught of red tape is a serious drag on their ability to operate a small business in Pennsylvania."

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