NFIB Applauds Passage of Pension Reform

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NFIB Praises General Assembly for Passing Pension Reform Bill
Growing state debt leaves small business uncertain about financial future and hinders growth

HARRISBURG (June 30, 2015) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) praised the General Assembly for passing Senate Bill 1, which would reform the state’s pension system. NFIB is Pennsylvania’s largest small-business group with 15,000 members in the state.

"Pennsylvania’s public pension deficit is the single-greatest financial threat facing the commonwealth, school districts and ultimately taxpayers, including small-business owners," said NFIB/PA State Legislative Director, Neal Lesher.

"The pension plan the legislature passed moves all future employees into a defined contribution style plan. That’s key, and it reflects what already occurred in the private sector decades ago.

"It’s easy to come to Harrisburg and simply seek to raise taxes and maintain the status quo. True leadership requires rolling up the sleeves and enacting fundamental reforms to the way government operates.

"While SB 1 does not contain all of the reforms that some of us would have liked to see, it still represents a significant step forward to bring government in line with the 21st century.

"After years of debate, and countless hours of work for the legislature to get to this point, it would be a shame for the Governor to simply say no and veto this historic reform. I hope he will consider this legislation fairly and come down on the side of the taxpayer."

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