NFIB Members Help Secure Senate Passage of No Tax Hike Budget: Stage set for battle in House

Senate leaders got the message. A 65-member-strong NFIB delegation took to the Capitol Tuesday and helped to convince a majority of senators to hold the line on spending and taxes in the upcoming budget. Senate Bill 850 now goes to the state House where Gov. Rendell and House leaders vowed to wage a new fight for more spending and higher taxes.

We urge members to thank their state Senator for supporting SB 850 and urge their House members to vote for the measure when they return.

NFIB members were in Harrisburg for the 2009 Small Business Day at the Capitol. Our presence and personal stories trumped efforts by labor unions and other special-interest groups asking for increased spending and higher taxes. The members clearly made a strong impression.

"Higher taxes will not fix our economy," said David Cranston Jr, owner of Cranston Material Handling in Pittsburgh. "If the state balances its books by taking more money from small businesses, we’ll end up with fewer jobs and an even bigger imbalance down the road."

It’s important we thank the Senate for taking this important step!

No New Programs, No New Taxes- Contact your state representative and tell them to support a budget that holds the line on spending and does not raise taxes on

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