NFIB Praises Passage of EPA Overreach Bill

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NFIB Praises Lawmakers for Passing Bill to Prevent EPA Overreach
Federal carbon dioxide rule limited in PA to protect small business and consumers

(HARRISBURG) Oct. 16, 2014 – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is praising Pennsylvania legislators today for passing a bill to put businesses and consumers first when federal carbon dioxide reduction regulations are drafted at the state level. Those rules are expected to hike the cost of energy in Pennsylvania due to tighter restrictions on coal plant emissions.

House Bill 2354 will require the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to draft state rules that meet the federal mandate with the least cost to electricity ratepayers. It also gives both houses of the state legislature veto power over those rules and requires approval of the House and Senate to pass Pennsylvania’s plan on to the federal government.

"Energy costs already are historically high and small businesses are paying more for healthcare and a flood of new regulations," said NFIB Executive State Director Kevin Shivers. "Bigger hikes in energy prices could result in job losses and shuttered businesses, not to mention the huge impact we will see on small businesses dependent on the coal industry in Pennsylvania."

Nationally, NFIB has filed comments opposing the administration’s proposed carbon regulations, worked on Capitol Hill to lobby against them and the NFIB Legal Foundation has taken action on related court cases. Learn more about NFIB’s fight for sensible regulations by visiting

NFIB thanks Rep. Pam Snyder (D-Southwest Pa.) for sponsoring HB 2354 and Senator Gene Yaw (R-North Central Pa.) for his advocacy on this bill in the Senate.

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