NFIB Urges Defeat of Wolf Proposals

Small-Business Owners Urge Lawmakers to Refuse Governor’s Plan to Tax Healthcare and Business Services
Converge on State Capitol to Fight Increased Taxes and Mandates

HARRISBURG (Apr. 5, 2017) –Dozens of small-business owners from around Pennsylvania converged on the state Capitol today asking lawmakers to reject the governor’s plan to add a billion dollars in new taxes. Most of the proposed expansions to the sales tax would fall on the backs of small business, like taxing customized software and computer services, and commercial storage.

"Just as businesses are beginning to feel more optimistic, indicating they plan to hire more people, the governor’s plan of increased taxes and labor mandates put the brakes on that expansion," said Kevin Shivers, executive state director of NFIB PA. "Gov. Wolf’s proposal to hike the minimum wage to $12 an hour dramatically increases the cost of doing business for small employers."

"There are almost 1 million small businesses in Pennsylvania. Imagine how powerful our state economy would be if each of those firms could hire just one new worker. Imagine the revenue boost to state coffers if 1 million new workers were earning wages," continued Shivers.

NFIB’s Small Business Day at the Capitol brings together small-business owners from around Pennsylvania to the state capital so they can lobby their individual elected officials. The business owners also met with NFIB member and business owner, Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York), House Speaker, Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny), and visited the offices of Governor Tom Wolf and Senate Majority Leader, Jake Corman (R-Centre).

NFIB, the leading small-business association, has 14,000 members in Pennsylvania and 325,000 nationwide.

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