NFIB/PA: Pass Right to Work!

NFIB/PA Calls on Corbett, Legislature to Pass Right to Work

Harrisburg (December 12, 2012) – With Michigan yesterday becoming the 24th state in the country to adopt right-to-work legislation, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today urged Pennsylvania leaders to take the trend seriously and take similar action to become more competitive.

"The competition for manufacturing and heavy industry just got a little more intense and we can’t let politics hold us back," said NFIB State Director Kevin Shivers. "Pennsylvania relies heavily on manufacturing and industrial companies and we can’t let other states get too far out in front of us."

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder yesterday signed legislation known as Right to Work that allows workers to keep their jobs in unionized companies without having to join a labor group or pay dues. When Indiana enacted a similar law earlier this year it reported an explosion in interest from companies all over the world seeking to relocate or invest.

"The unemployment rate in the right to work states is substantially lower than it is in the rest of the country," said Shivers. "Businesses are global and mobile, and they are seeking to invest in the most competitive markets.

"I can guarantee that Pennsylvania companies are taking a hard look at Michigan, Indiana and the other right-to-work states. And I can guarantee that the companies that we would like to attract are also considering those states more seriously," he continued. "We should get in the game. Pennsylvania should be a right to work state."

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