Not Like the Others

Member Group : From the Kitchen Table

Did you ever watch Sesame Street with your kids? There was a game called, "One of these things is not like the others", in which several objects were placed in a line. The object of the game was to decide which of the objects was different from the rest. The kids loved it.

The Islamic community is attempting to force a Ground Zero mosque down the throats of Americans. They are claiming that they deserve the religious freedom protections found in the First Amendment of the Constitution.
But is Islam actually a religion that believes in religious freedom?

Let’s play the game to find out. The major religions in the world would include Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Islam.

In the first four, the mandates concern one’s eternal destiny. While they may speak of sharing their faith with others, there is no mention in the texts of taking over governments. In Islam, the mandate is to conquer the world, and make all governments arms for enforcing Islamic law.

The first four teach that every person, believer and non-believer, is to be treated according to the same laws, with honesty, respect, and kindness. Islam teaches that the laws for treating others with honesty, respect, and kindness only apply if both parties are Moslem men. The rules do not apply to non-Moslems. In fact, Islam openly teaches that it is acceptable to lie to non-believers in their quest for domination.

The first four convert through persuasion. Non-believers are free to accept or reject the faith being presented. Islam converts through violence – convert or be killed.

The first four seek the freedom to worship as they believe, and allow others to do the same. In countries where the any of first four faiths are dominant, one can also find the worship centers and practitioners of the other three. In Islam, no other faith is allowed to be practiced in any form whatsoever. In countries where Islam is the dominant faith, no worship centers for other faiths are found, and no one is allowed to practice any other faith on pain of imprisonment and even death.

In the first four, the highest levels of paradise are for those who were the most loving and peaceful. In Islam, the highest levels are reserved for those who die while involved in wars to expand the territory controlled by Islam.
Throughout history, there have been many unfortunate examples of individuals from every faith who have killed in the name of religion. The difference is that in the first four, those individuals were acting AGAINST the teaching in their sacred texts, and in Islam, they were acting IN ACCORD with the teachings.
Islam is definitely NOT like the others.

In its quest to locate a mosque in New York City, the Islamic community is invoking its right to "freedom of religion" – a right that Islam does not recognize. If Moslems want to claim that they now believe that freedom of religion is a right, then they must demonstrate by a universal application of that right in their own territories and laws that they have changed the teachings of Islam.

Otherwise, we would actually be violating the clear teachings of their doctrine to apply any idea of religious freedom to an agent of Islam. And since in America, we do not force the followers of any faith to adhere to principles against the dictates of that faith, we cannot force religious freedom down the throats of the Moslem community. That means the mosque cannot be allowed.