Nutter Shoots Blanks on Gun Laws

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I’m not sure who’s more clueless: Mayor Nutter or the family of cop-killer Daniel Giddings

Gidding’s family is eulogizing him as "family-oriented, intelligent, and lovable". Oh, add in that he adored his children, and it’s clear that The Police and The Establishment are trying to "make him a monster."

Sure, he was all of those things. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bunch of watches to sell you.

So now, we’ll hear all the excuses about why he was "forced" to execute a police officer in cold blood. Some will play the race card. Others will blame society. And no doubt we’ll hear from some quarters that it was a grand police conspiracy. Isn’t it always?

Which leads us to Mayor Nutter. He’s blaming guns for Officer McDonald’s assassination. What else is new?

Yep, that’s it. As a result of the state not allowing Philadelphia to enact its own gun laws, another cop was killed. If you didn’t see Nutter try to insanely connect these dots at his press conference, it just wouldn’t be believable. But banning guns has always been the panacea for the Mayor of America’s murder capital.

"You are either on the side of the criminals or you are on the side of the law-abiding people of Philadelphia." Thanks for that clarification, Mr. Mayor. Too bad you can’t see that your efforts only serve to embolden criminals while further jeopardizing innocent lives in your dangerous city.

Here’s a quick lesson in the law. If you’re a convicted felon, as Mr. Giddings was (and a very dangerous one at that), you can never legally buy a gun again. Never. That means that the weapon he used to kill Officer McDonald was obtained illegally. So no matter how tough you make it to buy a gun in Philadelphia, hardened criminals like Giddings will still obtain them illegally. Just like convicted felon Howard Cain did, the trigger man who killed Philadelphia police officer Stephen Liczbinski in May.

And what was Nutter’s solution back then to stop the killing fields? More blame, no action. But the icing on the cake was whom he blamed. Incredibly, he actually had the gall to say that it was the National Rifle Association who owed an apology to the family Sgt.Liczbinski because it sued to stop the Mayor’s gun control laws from going into effect. Call me crazy, but the last time I checked, I thought Howard Cain was to blame. He was the one who obtained a gun illegally, possessed it illegally, and fired it illegally. Never let the facts get in the way of a fairytale.

The Mayor’s proposed restrictions would only serve to hinder law abiding citizens who simply want to defend themselves and their families in what has become Gotham City, pre-Batman.

So why isn’t the Mayor and City Council coming up with concrete solutions that would address the root causes of the crime epidemic, such as a horrendous educational system and the lack of job opportunities due to Philadelphia’s onerous taxes and union thuggery? For once, the answer is a no-brainer. It’s much easier to talk about something that makes for a great sound bite, however meaningless it is, than to actually do something about it.

Shooting blanks on the gun issue hasn’t stemmed the bloodflow in Philadelphia. Bold leadership will. But since the next election is three years away, it’s going to be a long wait.

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