Obama Administration: A Zero Sum Game

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Net number of workers added to U.S. employment rolls under the Obama Administration. ZERO [actually, negative numbers – lowest labor participation rate in four decades]

Degrees of global warming in the past two decades. ZERO. "Green" financial bailouts that worked. ZERO [billions down the drain for Solar Trust for America, Solyndra, A123 Systems, Abound Solar and many more]

Obama Administration policies that foster energy independence. ZERO

[Keystone XL Pipeline (not approved); fracking (opposed); off-shore drilling (permit delays or denials); coal (effectively shut down by EPA regulations); wasted subsidies for "green" energy companies – $ billions]

Original Obama cabinet secretaries with private sector executive experience prior to appointment. ZERO

Number of Obama budgets passed. ZERO [Votes: 2011 Sen. ZERO – 97; 2012 Sen. ZERO – 99, House ZERO – 414; 2013 Harry Reid would not bring to Senate floor; 2014 House 2 – 413]

Promises Barack Obama has not broken. ZERO [You can keep your healthcare policy, your doc-tor and your hospital; Obamacare will bring costs down; no taxpayer funding for abortion under Obamacare; Assad will be removed from Syria; our borders will be more secure; no lobbyists will serve in my administration]

Consequences for Syria crossing Obama’s multiple red lines. ZERO
Iran sanctions adhered to. ZERO. Violations of Iran sanctions punished. ZERO
Wars for which Barack Obama has not turned victory into defeat. ZERO [Iraq; Syria; ISIS]

Law enforcement situations that Obama Administration (or Barack Obama, personally) have not racially politicized. ZERO [New Black Panthers Philadelphia voter intimidation; Cambridge MA police sergeant; George Zimmerman shooting; Ferguson, MO shooting]

Number of Radical Islamist terrorist attacks against the US labeled "Radical Islamist terrorist attacks." ZERO ["Workplace Violence" – Nidal Hasan (Ft. Hood); Oklahoma woman beheaded]

Punishment of Administration officials involved in scandals. ZERO [IRS targeting of conserva-tive organizations; Veterans Administration; Justice Dept. spying on Associated Press and re-porters; Benghazi; Fast & Furious gun-running; Obamacare website & rollout]

Allies with which our relations are not worse than before Barack Obama took office. ZERO [Is-rael (Administration remarks undercutting Israel vs Hamas); Poland (eliminated missile shield); Canada (Keystone XL Pipeline not approved) Great Britain; Germany, Iraq, Egypt]

Support for Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi held in Mexican prison. ZERO

Assistance to officials in Benghazi that might have saved their lives. ZERO
Allies providing boots on the ground to fight ISIS. ZERO

NASA flights to the International Space Station under the Obama Administration. ZERO [U.S. now pays Russia to transport our astronauts]
Ron Klain’s qualifications to be Ebola czar. ZERO

Obama "recess" appointments that were constitutional. ZERO

Support for free and fair elections. ZERO [blind eye to voter fraud; aggressive opposition to Voter ID]

Number of senators and representatives who read the Obamacare bill before voting for it. ZERO

Number of times Barack Obama has told the truth about Obamacare. ZERO
Former cabinet officials who have written books that were not highly critical of Barack Obama. ZERO [Robert Gates; Leon Panetta; Hillary Clinton]
Prominent Democrats seeking (or accepting) Barack Obama’s campaign support. ZERO

Credibility Barack Obama has on any issue. ZERO