Obama Administration Dismantling the Constitution

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One must wonder how far the population will tolerate the dismantling of the
Constitution before patriots take matters in their own hands and reestablish

In one of the most shameful acts of someone sworn in as President, Obama told the Republican Representatives to ignore Rush Limbaugh. How dare he, his new cabinet, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid mount an assault on the First Amendment? How dare you sit there regardless of your Party and do nothing tacitly allowing this to happen? The Left has every network with the exception of Fox blatantly supporting their cause. Fox shows both sides to such an extent one can make a decision either way based a on much more information. Most newspapers likewise slant their reporting to the Left. Conservatives have only one source fully on their side, talk radio.

No it isn’t racist or hateful, but how would you know if all you listen to is enemy sources of biased news. Enemy is a strong word but it is coming down to this unless you stand up and tell your Democrat leaders in DC to back down on their assaults on the Bill of Rights.

Patriots are now flying the Gadson flag instead of the starts and stripes.
Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, another good sounding name that covers it’s
opposite intentions, to kill talk radio without shutting down all the liberal biased sources is intolerable.

Likewise when Obama headed a foundation that funded anti-gun groups and voted
against the use of firearms even in self defense, it isn’t hard to see what is
coming. The Second Amendment isn’t there to shoot rabbits, it is to defend America against tyranny. Socializing the economy and dismantling the Bill of Rights constitutes tyranny. Building a civilian defense army pledged to suppport Obama and monitor the population constitutes tyranny. How long before they go after the Fourth Amendment and enter your house to insure you are living and thinking right.

You who sit back and do nothing or who actively support the assault on what makes America great, there is a message for you on the Gadson flag, Don’t Tread On Me.

Stephen Cady
The Weekly Recorder
Coalition for a Conservative Majority
SW PA Chapter


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