Oliver Stone: A Part for Me?

Columnist : Albert Paschall

A lot of the movies I own are about the great conspiracies of our times. One of my favorites is “Roswell – The U.F.O. Cover-Up”. In 1947 President Truman ordered a crashed alien space ship hustled into a remote part of New Mexico near the city of Roswell. It’s known as Area 51 and its secrets are hidden from the American people to this very day. I saw a headline in the supermarket aisle a few years ago that NASA scientists had actually spawned an alien from DNA at Area 51 that was being nurtured in the White House basement by former First Lady Hilary Rodham-Clinton. Later the same newspaper reported that this E.T. in a jealous rage killed the former president’s beloved dog Buddy at their New York home. The murder was covered up with some lame car accident story.

Another one you don’t want to miss is “What happened on the moon? Hoax, Lies and Videotape” documents President Nixon’s conspiracy with Russian Intelligence Services and the CIA to fake the first manned moon mission. Every branch of the US Military was involved. Probably about a million people still keep their silence.

The classic of the genre is Oliver Stone’s movie: “JFK”. The president of the New Orleans Board of Trade because he is loosely affiliated with the free Cuba movement conspires with a hit man to assassinate President Kennedy. CIA contracted sharpshooters do the evil deed, set up a patsy by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, and are whisked out of Dallas never to be heard from again. They pull it off with the tacit approval of the US Military High Command, the Dallas Police, the FBI, the Secret Service and of course the CIA. Former President Gerald Ford, Chief Justice Earl Warren and Senator Arlen Specter conspire to craft a cover-up and even with hundreds of thousands of co-conspirators the secrets of Dallas have remained dark for over 40 years.

Last week after I saw the new movie “Fahrenheit 911” and I just know it is going to be the king of the conspiracy thrillers. A Michael Moore wrote, directed and stars in it. He attempts to expose a vast multi-billion dollar conspiracy that includes both President Bushes, the Bin Laden family, the Royal House of Saudi Arabia and of course, the CIA. According to Moore the triangle of oil, money and power contributed to the tragedy of 9-11 and led to the Iraq war. Moore needs a better camera. The movie is full of grainy shots of the president and cabinet members that he weaves in with cheap graphics that make no sense. But his fans love him. Through out the film the audience hooted, hollered and clapped.

Moore’s fans won’t be so happy when the real conspiracy is exposed. Only one group could conspire to make this remarkably sinister and lousy film: the Republicans. For years, since Bush the First, they’ve been battling low voter turn out. My guess is a bunch of the fatter cats covertly gathered in some exclusive country club and surreptitiously sold Halliburton stock to launder the funds for Mr. Moore to make this movie. The irony is that Moore may not even know it. He’s probably being duped just like Oswald in Dallas, the aliens at Roswell or Lassie when Timmy fell into the well.

The secret plan has incognito copies of Fahrenheit 911 turning up in Republican homes just before the election. The media will blame a clandestine Democratic dirty tricks department. Rank and file Republicans will be so outraged by the film that to get out the vote on Election Day they will close every oil company, chamber of commerce, Cadillac dealership and exclusive country club. ‘W’ will then cruise to the biggest Republican victory since his Daddy dumped Dukakis.

Someday when Oliver Stone gets wind of this conspiracy he’ll jump on the screen play and since I figured it out first I hope he has a part in it for me.

Albert Paschall
Senior Commentator
The Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc.

[email protected]