One Nation, Under God

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Ever since getting involved in New Jersey politics I’ve had an uncontrollable urge to understand self-service masquerading as public service. I thought that I’d be fine once moving back to Bucks County, but the entire country has become New Jersey. Not too long ago I was one of the masses who was completely oblivious to politics and often wish I was still among them. Instead, I write these incoherent rants as part of my therapy.

Fortunately, there are several good people stepping forward. Not to be overly critical of our current crop of elected officials, but it takes a special person to oppose their own party (that’s lost its way). For some weird reason we’re being led by many smooth talkers who lack character and are, therefore, not special. I think it’s because they get elected by many who need to justify to their subconscious that it’s OK to not have any integrity.

Some criticize both parties today as being indistinguishable. I find that to be somehow encouraging. It implies that maybe we’re all a lot more alike than different. You see, the Republican Party was formed in 1854 specifically to end slavery because slavery was inconsistent with our Constitution (which is the outline of the natural human condition as designed by God). The Republican Party became very popular and many Republicans won their races as a direct result of the black vote.

The political party of unshakable virtue became thoroughly corrupt by the 1870’s and the Democrats took over. It’s gone back and forth ever since because way too many are incapable of resisting the highest bidder.

I think what has confused me the most is the current struggle between socialism and capitalism. Socialism assumes that we can trust government bureaucrats to distribute our valuable resources better than the free and open market. NOT! Socialism is funded by capitalism. Some proof is George Soros funding the radical left-wing brutally nitwitted organization (who attacks everything that’s decent) with money made by manipulating markets. Classic "biting the hand that feeds you".

Let’s take a local example of how our elected officials answer to the special interests that fund their campaigns and not to the people who they’re entrusted to serve. Our Lower Makefield Township Supervisors passed Ordinance 369, the Responsible Contractor Ordinance, which back-handedly requires union labor for public projects over $20,000. Ever since its passage we’ve had emboldened union members and those fun giant inflatable rats picketing the work-sites of honest hardworking contributors to the Bucks County community who didn’t select their labor.

Now we have a $6 million bond in LMT to build ball fields. An article in the June 2003 Philadelphia Business Journal reported that the labor component of the unions who manipulate politics (in the manner of LMT Ordinance 369) is 40% more expensive than free and open market labor. It makes one wonder how much of that $6 million is going to our kids and how much of it will be taxpayers directly funding a political machine. Another question is why Bucks County Republicans aren’t screaming bloody murder.

We could go on, but probably don’t have to. Ordinance 369 is just a microcosm of what’s happening to our nation and it will continue if we persist in being as oblivious as I was not too long ago.

As Americans we share a strong belief in limited government, low taxes and free markets. We believe in personal responsibility, accountability and self-reliance. And, most importantly, we believe that we are all fundamentally equal (and don’t have to be made that way through government programs). We are the rejects from around the world with a very strong anti-authority complex and it’s about time we start acting like it.

We’ve gone horribly wrong in the first 10 years of the millennia, but everything does go in cycles. Character matters and if there’s ever a time to fix bayonets and draw a line in the sand it’s now. Lasting peace requires freedom and justice throughout the world and there’s no better place to start than right here. After all, we are One Nation Under God and I’d like to keep it that way.