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The Economy, Iran and the President in New Novel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) – Reading, PA

Released by Xulon Press, "Angels: A story about Fannie & Freddie, the President, Blackmail and Murder" author John C. Bieber takes his readers for a political and spiritual thrill ride in his new novel. See attached cover art.
Without naming names, the president of the United States in Bieber’s new novel, demonstrates many similarities to the current resident of the White House. "Readers can use their imaginations any way they want. My hope is they can relate to the characters in the story the best way that works for them." Bieber says.

Inspired by the economic disaster in 2009 and political scene then and now in the United States, in "Angels: A story about Fannie & Freddie, the President, Blackmail and Murder", lead character Matt Davidson’s real estate company is being taken down by the busted housing bubble and the economic crisis of 2009. As a prayerful believer and ordinary family man, Matt has prayed for help to survive the economic downturn and he is given a gift that lets him see into the spiritual world. The gift is the ability to see angels and demons on earth. He can see them in the world, on television and in photography. Matt sees patterns of demonic activity around certain politicians, some more than others. He prays to find out why and for what purpose he has been given this ability. This leads him on a spiritual mission and he is shown where evil forces lie in the highest offices in American government. Matt is used, with the help and protection of angels, to reveal an Iranian plot to control the American presidency. Matt remains faithful and with the help of a fellow believer friend, they go to "seek out" the one who is revealed to him to be at the center of the plan.

Fast paced, romantic, political, intense, funny, tender, dark and spiritual. John C. Bieber takes the reader from modern day Valley Forge, to the New Jersey shore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Paris, Monte Carlo, on board Air Force One, Detroit, Tehran, New York City and into the White House. The momentum builds and builds to a dramatic conclusion.

"Angels: A story about Fannie & Freddie, the President, Blackmail and Murder" is available at, via Xulon Press, ,,,, and the online bookstore of Xulon Press at
Book Statistics:
ISBN: 9781615790876 Suggested Retail Price: US$14.95 CAN$18.95
Size and Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback Page Count: 383

About the Author: John C. Bieber lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. He is a self employed real estate investor. John is a graduate of Kutztown University with a B.S in Criminal Justice. He is an opinion writer and blogger. For more information visit friend John C. Bieber at Facebook
Author email: [email protected] Author phone: 484-269-9824