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January 28th, 2009 | Issue no. 3

• A Groundbreaking Thanks To All Of You
• Writing Committee
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• Weeds in the American lawn
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The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth.
Thomas Paine
(Common Sense, 1776)

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A Groundbreaking Thanks To All Of You
The Pennsylvania Conservative Council had a tremendous groundbreaking thanks to all of you. Special thanks go to Rich Davis and his American Sheepdogs, the bedrock of our organization. Thanks also to our honored speaker Gwenne Alexander, she proved what a valuable asset her group – Chester County Action – is to the conservative cause.
I was reminded of the fight we face this Monday at my local school board meeting. At that meeting, one of the (Democrat) board members proposed to pass a non-binding show of support for the Economic Stimulus Act because of the funds that would be diverted to the School District. This, after hearing the treasurer’s report clearly describing that the school district met its budget for 2008, and expects at this time to meet it for 2009. So even though we have met our budgetary needs, this board member proposes to support a boondoggle tax increase that would only serve to put our taxpayer base at greater financial risk.
But such things as the Economic Stimulus Act threaten even more than that. It put lie to the myth that Act 1 protects taxpayers – it only makes school districts look for ‘alternative’ ways to increase taxes. It also puts lie to the myth that this Congress is going to moderate, or that any of us are safe from the ever-increasing burden of government. The more they tax, the less we have to spend – and the less liberty we enjoy.
We must be vigilant. If I were not at the Board meeting, how would I have known of this member’s ridiculous proposal? This is exactly how we have arrived in the era where the White House is offered to the highest bidder. And unlike the lies we hear spewed constantly, it is the left who is willing to spend endlessly and remorselessly to win. The Pennsylvania Conservative Council needs to turn this tide, and win victories for common sense – and for America. Together with our conservative allies we can take back – school board by school board, borough by borough, state by state – this great republic of the United States of America.

Writing Committee
I am looking forward to meeting with anyone who is interested in being part of the writing committee. We plan to meet this Saturday, January 31st at 1:30 p.m. in room 234, the same lcation that we had our PACC meeting in, at the Borough Hall.
I know not everyone that is interested in joining will be able to attend the meetings, so we will keep you in the loop by email. I plan on meeting maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks for approximately 1 hour. We will mainly be keeping in touch by email regarding topics that may be of interest for us to write about. We can discuss this further at our meeting on Saturday.
If anyone that isn’t able to attend the meeting has any ideas regarding that, please email me at [email protected]. We also need to think of a name for our writing committee. Please let me know of any suggestions you may have.
West Chester Borough Building
Room #234
401 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
For directions, go to:
or for google map directions go to here.
Member’s Letters to the Editor
Recently we have had 2 of our members letters to the editor published, 1 in the North East Times and 1 in the Daily Local.
• Mr. Obama, tear down that inaugural boondoggle!
by Tania Ciolko – January 22, 2009

• Rewarding failure is the big plan
by Anthony J. Oleck – January 23, 2009

Weeds in the American lawn
March 25th, 2008, Henry Briggs of the Main Line Life wrote an article titled "Weeds in the American lawn" assaulting Chester County Action. The following was their response:
Since When is "Patriot" a Pejorative?
We want to thank Henry Briggs for his excellent letter to the editor on March 25. He thought he was disparaging his fellow Republicans who belong to Chester County ACTION by calling them "God-fearing, law-abiding patriots," who believe in "family values and Judeo-Christian tradition." Yes, we do, Mr. Briggs! And here’s why:
Like the vast majority of Americans, we do believe that God exists. We even believe in worshipping him on the Sabbath. In this we Christians are joined by people of the Hebrew faith all across America and beyond.
We are law abiding. Do we need to make apologies for this? If so, stop reading this now and go plan your next mugging, rape, bank robbery, or murder. While you’re at it, figure out how to cheat on your income taxes.
We’re being accused of being patriots? Thank you! We are in good company: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Hancock are people we’d want to rub elbows with any day.
Mr. Briggs decries us for "family values?" Hasn’t he heard that every organization that has studied childhood has found that the best environment for children is to be raised in a home with a mother and a father? Hey, we believe this too and aren’t ashamed to admit it.
As for Judeo-Christian tradition, we believe in the Ten Commandments. We believe that God and our parents should be honored and that murder, lying, and stealing are wrong. We try to follow Jesus’ teaching of loving others, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and caring for the sick. This is contrary to Mr. Briggs’ beliefs?
Finally, Mr. Briggs says that the folks he is disparaging "pushed" Norman MacQueen into the chairmanship of their local committee. I believe the word is "voted," Mr. Briggs. Everyone gets one vote, and the one with the most votes wins. This is how we do it in American, Mr. Briggs. You should know this by now.
Mr. Briggs’ refers to us as "Weeds in the American Lawn." What a compliment! Every homeowner knows how hard it is to get rid of weeds. That’s because they are so hardy and their roots go deep. They need no fertilizer to grow. Unlike the bland blades of grass around them, they are self-sustaining, produce beautiful flowers, and keep popping up all over the lawn. That’s us, Mr. Briggs. Get used to it.

Upcoming Events
Pennsylvania Conservative Council Meeting
Saturday, February 7th, 2009
Come one, Come all to the Pennsylvania Conservative Council Meeting on February 7th, 2009. We will be meeting at the Borough Building in West Chester beginning at 1:30 pm. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring anyone who wants a better future for Chester County to this meeting.
Regan Caucus
Friday, February 6, 2009
4:00pm – 6:00pm
The Reagan Caucus seeks to advance Republican principles by endorsing and electing Republicans who reflect the stated principles of our party.
Featuring Special Guest Speakers:
• State Senator John "Eich" Eichelberger
• Lowman Henry, CEO of the Lincoln Institute and former Dauphin County Commissioner
• Jeff Coleman, former State Representative and CEO of Churchill Media
• And a nationally known Republican leader (to be announced)
CPAC 2009
February 26-28, 2009
This conference is a great networking and learning opportunity for conservative activists. The guest list alone should convince you this is an opportunity you should not miss:
Invited and Confirmed Speakers Include:
Amb. John Bolton – Gov. Sarah Palin – Ann Coulter – Gov. Bobby Jindal – Newt Gingrich – David Horowitz – David Keene – Wayne LaPierre – Rep. Ron Paul – Mitt Romney – Phyllis Schlafly – Robert Davi – Rep. Mike Pence – and many more!
2009 PA Leadership Conference
March 27-28, 2009
The 2009 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference will feature a number of speeches by national and statewide conservative leaders, interactive panel discussions, training seminars, and exhibits by a wide array of conservative organizations.
Michael Reagan
Pat Toomey, Club For Growth
Hon. Dick Armey, Freedom Works
Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
PA Supreme Court Candidates
Future (and Current) Leaders

Refer Your Friends and Family
We would like to encourage you to refer your friends and family to join the Pennsylvania Conservative Councils email list. They can do this by going to our website located at and entering in their email address. Their information will always be kept confidential.


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