PA Family Institute Offers Voter Guides

Member Group : PA Family Institute

This year’s Voters’ Guide will contain non-partisan information about candidates for Pennsylvania Governor and United States Senate – two of the most-watched races in the nation. Plus, there will be information on US House and races right down to State House and Senate.

How can you use bulk copies of the 2010 Pennsylvania Voters’ Guide this fall?

1. To encourage those around you to get to the polls and vote. Start with your own family members, co-workers and colleagues.

2. To distribute in your church. As in the past, these guides are legal for use inside churches.

3. To serve other churches in your area by offering bulk copies of the guide. Take pre-orders; then include them in your bulk order.

4. To send voter guides along with absentee ballot applications to college students in your family or your church. Absentee ballot applications are due at your county’s elections office by October 26th.

Order your bulk copies today! Suggested donation $10 per hundred.