PA Freedom Caucus to Challenge Shapiro Voter Grab in Court

Member Group : Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus

Harrisburg, PA- This week, Governor Shapiro announced that, effective immediately, every Pennsylvania resident who updates, renews, or applies for a driver’s license or photo ID card with the state’s Department of Transportation will automatically be led through the voter registration process.

This political maneuver, promulgated under the guise of increased voter participation, bypassed the proper, lawful procedural channels.  Of the twenty-three states that adopted automatic voter registration, twenty did so through legislation or voter approval. 

PA Freedom Caucus Chair Rep Dawn Keefer (R-York) says that the new policy not only usurps legislative powers, but it presents a host of unanswered questions. “Shapiro’s eagerness to pick up Wolf’s mantle of running rough shod over legislative powers is disappointing.  The lack of election integrity reforms, including voter ID, continues to fuel voter frustration and this further undermines voter confidence.”

“The citizens of Pennsylvania need to know what guardrails have been put in place to ensure that ineligible voters, such as convicted felons, underage persons, and non-citizens, will be prohibited from inclusion in the process.” Keefer continued.

PAFC Member Rep Joe Hamm states that the PA Freedom Caucus have reached out to legal counsel over the issue. “Governor Shapiro has continued down the path of Executive overreach. Our Constitution is clear that the General Assembly is responsible for election and registration laws, said Hamm. We will not continue allowing Governors who think they are bigger than the law to break the law. We are prepared to take whatever action is required to hold out of control Executives accountable.”

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