PA House Freedom Caucus Vows to Fight Democrat Tax Hike

Member Group : Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus

Harrisburg, PA – Despite supplying the most unwelcoming environment for new entrepreneurs in the nation, Pennsylvania Democrats are poised to introduce a bill that would ratchet up taxes for small business by four times. House Bill 1773, introduced by Representative Chris Raab, would make it next to impossible to start a business in Pennsylvania, further hamstringing an economy that’s bleeding tens of thousands of residents each year.

The Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus remains committed to fighting radical progressive measures such as HB 1773 that bloat Government while discouraging growth and prosperity. Through any means necessary the PAFC will work together to block this bill and others like it through advocacy, amendments, and floor procedure.

“Currently, there are good reasons that new businesses avoid starting up in PA,” said PAFC member and former business executive, Mike Jones (York), “CNI taxes are high, regulations are far too numerous, and our Net Operating Loss (NOL) policy is among the worst in the nation. Yet, House Democrats apparently feel emboldened to drive a nail into the coffin of our small businesses by quadrupling their passive income.”

The House Democrats’ anti-business platform seems to contradict Governor Josh Shapiro’s repeated promises of a state that’s “open for business.” While losing about 50,000 residents in 2022 and an additional 10,000 last year, Pennsylvania continues to lose out to states that have a friendlier business climate.

“The House Democrats are off to a terrible start in 2024, said PAFC member, Robert Leadbeter (Columbia). Inflation and the economy are front and center in the minds of my constituents and we simply cannot afford to add a 30% tax on their electric bill, which the Governor has vowed to do through RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) membership. We cannot allow liberal government policies to make it even harder for small businesses to operate in Pennsylvania by raising their taxes four times, which increases the cost of goods, putting more pressure on hardworking families and fixed-income seniors in our commonwealth.”