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On The Record: Sen. Jeff Piccola
An interview with the Senate Education Committee chairman
State Sen. Jeff Piccola (R-Dauphin) is chair of the Senate Education Committee and figures to be a key figure in the education reform debate in Pennsylvania next year.
Recently, he announced his intention – along with colleagues Sen. Andy Dinniman (D-Chester) and Sen. Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia) – to introduce legislation expanding the state’s education options beyond the charter schools and opportunity grant programs which currently exist. Governor-elect Tom Corbett has also expressed support for school choice and has packed his transition team’s Education Committee with supporters of the cause. Mr. Piccola is among the members of the transition team as well.
Last week, Mr. Piccola sat down with PA Independent for an exclusive interview on the future of education in the Keystone State, the new attempt to institute school choice and the frustration of lawmakers with the state’s education unions. Click here to read more.
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Debt Unaddressed by Rendell Administration
Passing baton to Corbett’s new administration
Pennsylvanians are still on the hook to start payments to the federal government in 2011 but the state is still paying more unemployment compensation than other states, with no end in sight.
Currently, Pennsylvania owes $3 billion to the federal government and will begin repaying this debt next year, not including paying the interest on the debt. Pennsylvania’s unemployment debt size ranks fourth after California, Michigan and New York, and the per capita burden is smaller compared only to Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Click here to read more.
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