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For Immediate Release—May 11, 2011
Contact: Lou Jasikoff at [email protected] or Betsy Summers at [email protected]

Local Libertarians Elected to State Positions
Jasikoff takes State Chair, Summers tapped for NEPA Chair

Wilkes-Barre, PA— At the annual state convention on April 30th in Franklin, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania elected a new slate of officers and adopted a new streamlined party platform. Local Libertarian Lou Jasikoff was elected to chair the state party. Betsy Summers is now chair for the
local Northeast Pennsylvania (or NEPA) Libertarian group. Other elected officers were Kat Valleley, Eastern Vice-Chair; Jim Fryman, Western Vice-Chair; Vernon Etzel, Secretary; and Patti Fryman, Treasurer. Numerous other committees were filled along with the initial delegate list to the 2012 National Convention to be held next year in Las Vegas.

Jasikoff stated, "The Libertarian Party is poised to make serious inroads into Pennsylvania’s political process. More now than ever the message of a limited, constitutional government is on the voters’ minds. There is one and only one party that has relentlessly advocated getting government out of our wallets, out of our bedrooms, and out of foreign civil wars, and that is the
Libertarian Party."

"I plan to continue to expand on the successes we have made here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have unprecedented opportunities to see our ideas and party grow and will do whatever is necessary to promote and support our current candidates along with recruiting new ones. 2011
should be a very good year for the Libertarian Party in Northeastern Pennsylvania," added Summers.

Jasikoff concluded, "One of our major initiatives will be to work with the Green, Constitution, and Independent Parties, as well as the Tea Party movement to educate our current elected representatives, the media, and the public at large, about the merits of the recently-introduced Voters’ Choice Act (VCA). It is imperative that we make our election process equal and fair as prescribed by our State Constitution. Chicanery, coercion, and economic intimidation are the
current ‘modus operandi’ of party officials in the Democrat and Republican Parties and this can no longer be tolerated. The first step in restoring good and honest government starts with competition in politics, competition afforded all candidates that wish to compete in the arena of ideas."

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