PA Medical Society Demands Taxpayer Subsidies Rather Than Legal Reforms

Member Group : Patients and Physicians Association

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PMS) has long been in cahoots with Personal Injury Governor (PIG) Rendell, an outspoken opponent of legal reform.

Choosing to stay out of the fight against medical malpractice lawsuit abuse, PMS worked with the Governor to develop a plan to subsidize a portion of medical liability insurance costs, on the backs of the very patients and taxpayers the doctors serve. That subsidy was named Mcare – the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act.

PMS’s betrayal of its own doctors backfired on it early 2008 when Rendell suspended Mcare in retaliation against the Pennsylvania Senate, after it refused to pass Rendell’s tax-payer subsidized free health care insurance proposal. The Senate has since held its ground and, with the 2008 legislative session ending in a few days, it looks as if Mcare will never return. This in turn, has added tens of thousands of additional costs to physicians who are already burdened with high medical malpractice insurance costs and low insurance reimbursements.

Backed into its own corner, the Pennsylvania Medical Society is trying to get doctors to fight for the renewal of taxpayer subsidies rather than fight for medical liability lawsuit abuse reform.

Click here to read the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s propaganda for taxpayer-funded subsidies.

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