PA Right to Work PAC Endorses Candidates

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The Pennsylvania Right to Work endorsement is an exceptionally important endorsement. It is the Unions and the union entitlement mentality which justifies taking from those who have built and created profitable, productive businesses and, in particular, the monopoly government unions, who are driving Pennsylvania to bankruptcy.

Pennsylvania Right to Work Political Action Committee Announces Candidate Endorsements

"Free Markets for Free People" Convince, not coerce, is the mantra of a free society.

CARLISLE, PA, October 8, 2010: The Pennsylvania Right to Work PAC has announced it has endorsed the following candidates for Pennsylvania’s State Senate:
Michael Brubaker (36), Matt Connolly (14), John Eichelberger (30), Mike Folmer (48), Rhashea Harmon (8), Frank Scavo (22), Steve Urban (14), and Michael Waugh (28).

The Pennsylvania Right to Work PAC endorsed the following candidates for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives:

John Bear (97), Steve Bloom (199), Tom Bogar (153), Scott Boyd (43), Rob Ciervo (31), Paul Clymer (145), Jim Cox (129), Tom Creighton (37), Bryan Cutler (100), Gordon Denlinger (99), Alex Dubart (20), Joe Emrick (137), Garth Everett (84), Mark Gillen (128), Glen Grell (87), Seth Grove (196), Doyle Heffley (122), Sue Helm (104), David Hickernell (98), Dave Huffman (83), Rob Kauffman (89), Fred Keller (85), Mark Keller (86), Daryl Metcalfe (12), Ron Miller (93), Dan Moul (91), Kathy Rapp (65), Doug Reichley (134), Todd Rock (90), Curt Schroder (155), Stan Saylor (94), Justin Simmons (131), RoseMarie Swanger (102), and Will Tallman (193)

This election is critical to the future of Pennsylvania just as a Right to Work law is critical for economic growth in our Commonwealth. We believe these candidates provide the best hope for a better tomorrow in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Right to Work Political Action Committee works to elect pro-Right to Work candidates to the State House and State Senate. The Right to Work PAC supports incumbents and challengers, Democrats and Republicans – a diverse group of candidates who share a desire to help Pennsylvania’s economy and individual citizens by passing legislation guaranteeing every wage earner’s right to hold a job regardless of union membership or support.