PA RTW Demands SEIU Apology

Member Group : PA Right to Work


Thursday night SEIU Healthcare PA executives took advantage of their ability to use their member’s money for whatever they want and they held a vigil in Lancaster exploiting the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy to support a bill that would not have done anything to stop that tragedy. PA Right to Work is calling on Wendell Royster and his fellow union executives to immediately apologize to their members, especially the many members who are responsible gun owners, for this blatant misuse of funds for a cause completely unrelated to collective bargaining.

"This is just another example of union executives using their member’s money for causes they don’t agree with or support" stated Matthew Wagner, Director of Communication and Legislation for Pennsylvanians for Right to Work. A union member’s dues are supposed to be going to collective bargaining, not restricting their 2nd amendment rights. Mr. Royster says this has to do with all the gun violence they’ve supposedly seen, but how many vigils has the SEIU held regarding traffic accidents? "If Mr. Royster is going to take money and use it for causes he shouldn’t to stop incidents like Sandy Hook, he should be looking at legislation related to mental illness since that is what caused the Sandy Hook tragedy, not legally purchased firearms, as I’m sure any of the thousands of responsible gun owners who are also members of SEIU healthcare PA could have told him had he bothered to ask."

Mr. Wagner adds "This is why we need to pass Right to Work legislation in Pennsylvania, so Pennsylvania workers can take control of their unions again and their dues don’t get misappropriated in this way anymore." Mr. Royster needs to issue an immediate apology to his members, especially all those who are responsible gun owners for the misappropriation of funds. To join us in the fight to return the union to its members, visit"