PA Turnpike Not Printing Fare Schedules

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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission No Longer Printing Fare Schedules
Auditor General questions decision, says is a move in the wrong direction

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner said Tuesday the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) should reverse its decision to no longer print toll fees on the tickets it issues.

The PTC announced the decision Tuesday and said it is part of an effort to save money. As the turnpike tolls increase every year by 3 to 4 percent, a provision part of Act 44 from 2007 to pay for the turnpike and PennDOT, the commission said it would save money by not printing a new set of tickets each year to reflect the increased tolls.

This year, annual fares for EZ Pass customers are increasing 3 percent while cash-paying customers will see a 10 percent fare hike.

McCord’s Compromise: $650 Million In New Capital Debt
Rendell wanted $1 billion; will approve lower amount

State Treasurer Rob McCord announced his approval of a new $650 million bond sale Thursday after rejecting a $1 billion bond offering proposed last week by Gov. Ed Rendell.

Mr. McCord said the lower figure was reached after a "vigorous internal review" and would continue key capital projects already under construction. The outgoing governor said he will approve the smaller amount proposed by Mr. McCord.

"A billion dollars in debt would not have been appropriate," said Mr. McCord. "But neither, in my judgment, would it be appropriate to issue zero debt and in so doing risk a winter shutdown of ongoing infrastructure-improvement projects." Click here to read more.

Family Court Fiasco Is A Family Affair
Former Supreme Court Justice wanted a piece of the action for her son

The increasingly incestuous tale of the planned $200 million Philadelphia Family Court building took another turn Monday with reports former state Supreme Court Justice Sandra Shultz Newman wanted a payment for the project made to her son, Jonathan.

Jonathan Newman, one time head of the state Liquor Control Board, deserved a piece of the $12 million preparation costs for the project because he brought a $3.9 million part of the deal to the politically-oiled Philadelphia law firm of Obermayer, Rebman, Maxwell & Hippel, Ms. Newman claimed, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer article.

The former justice made the claim for her son in a March 2008 e-mail to Jeffrey Rotwitt, then the Obermayer principal handling the court site development. Mr. Rotwitt’s employment with Obermayer was terminated this year after it came to light he was also a 50-50 partner with site developer Donald Pulver. Click here to read more.

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