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PA Voters – Overwhelmingly Support Primary Opponents Obamacare, Lack of Liquor Privatization Angers Voters
For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 17, 2013

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HARRISBURG, Penn. – The nationally known conservative group, American Future Fund (AFF), released their first Pennsylvania poll showing over 80 percent of Republican voters would support a primary opponent over their incumbent state senator, fueled by votes on Obamacare, the gas tax and lack of action on liquor privatization.

"Phase one polling demonstrates that our initial gut instinct was correct. People are angry and want action on conservative, free market principles," said AFF founder Nick Ryan. "Our surprise was that the willingness to support a primary opponent was much greater than we initially anticipated."

"Usually, people will register their discontent by telling pollsters they are unhappy with or less inclined to support a particular representative but balk at actually supporting an opponent to their representative in a primary," Ryan said. "These numbers indicate that Pennsylvania voters have reached a tipping point."

The poll released today asked if Republican voters were more or less likely to support their state senator if they voted for Obamacare through Medicaid expansion, voted for the gas tax increase and failed to support private liquor sales and distribution. It found that two-thirds were less likely to support their senator.

In an even more stunning finding, when asked – based on the same criteria – if they would support a primary opponent against their state senator an overwhelming 82 percent said they would support the primary challenger.

Earlier this month, AFF announced plans to run a beta test in Pennsylvania of its project that is designed to hold conservatives’ feet to the fire to promote basic free market principles. At that time they previewed their plans to start with polling to determine how much unrest exists among conservative voters and to oversample in specific legislative districts and simultaneously build a database of AFF supporters in Pennsylvania. Later AFF will roll out digital advertising to bolster the project.

"As I’ve said many times, we would rather see the free market promoted instead of publicly calling people out, but we can’t stand by idly. If you vote to expand Obamacare, fail to implement a basic conservative idea like privatization of the liquor industry and you raise taxes, then why even pretend to be a conservative?"

The poll was conducted last week by the Las Vegas-based polling firm Dane and Associates. It had a sample size of 1,282 and a margin of error of +/- 2.25 percent.

The American Future Fund was formed to provide Americans with a conservative and free market viewpoint to communicate and advocate on the issues of most interest and concern to them. It is a multi-state issues advocacy group designed to effectively communicate these ideals.


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