Patients and Physicians Alliance Newsletter: DeWeese’s Last Stand

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Pennsylvania’s Voice for Tort Reform Education September 15, 2008

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End of DeWeese Era Could Bring in Tort Reforms

Bill DeWeese is in trouble. Big trouble.
The current Majority Floor Leader and long-time tort reform obstructionist, who conspired with the now- indicted Mike Veon to destroy Pennsylvania’s Fair Share Act, might not survive November’s election.
As P.A.P.A. reported in an earlier issue, House Democratic Whip Mike Veon was arrested in the Bonusgate Scandal prosecuted by Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett. The investigation continues, and the AG’s office has announced more arrests will follow.
Although DeWeese has not been arrested, many are curious as to how the former House Speaker remained clueless to the scandal surrounding him. And many of the curious are voters located in DeWeese’s 50th Legislative District.
Should those voters oust DeWeese this November, the trial bar will lose one of its most powerful advocates.
And Pennsylvania will move miles ahead in achieving the same lawsuit abuse reforms Texas now enjoys.

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