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Pennsylvania’s Voice for Tort Reform Education October 29, 2008

Shapiro Votes Against His Own Legislation
Could it Be Goodbye Denny O’Brien?

Shapiro Votes Against His Own Legislation

State Representative Josh Shapiro (D-153) voted against his own legislation when he cast a no vote against a resolution sponsored by Representative Tom Killion (R-168). The resolution would have brought his own physician student loan forgiveness to the House floor.
Shapiro’s "no vote" was also a vote against restoring the Mcare abatement.

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Don’t Forget the Attorney General Race!

With all the excitement generated by the presidential, congressional, and legislative races, the race for Pennsylvania Attorney General has not gotten the attention it deserves.
The health care community, pharmaceuticals, businesses, and the public should be concerned about this race as the next Attorney General could become a candidate for Governor as Rendell’s term expires. And the next Governor could open the door to putting an end to lawsuit abuse within Pennsylvania.
P.A.P.A. has contacted the campaigns of Attorney General Tom Corbett and Northampton County District John Morganelli concerning their positions on tort reform.
Attorney General Tom Corbett supports tort reforms.
District Attorney John Morganelli is against tort reforms.

• Could it Be Goodbye Denny O’Brien?
Dennis O’Brien (R-169) recently told Capitolwire he intends to remain House Speaker during the 2009-2010 legislative session.
O’Brien, who may well be remembered as Pennsylvania’s most ineffective Speaker, might be suffering from illusions of grandeur. State Representatives have confided in P.A.P.A. that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will vote to keep him in power.

P.A.P.A. members will remember O’Brien as the greatest tort reform obstructionist to hammer the gavel.
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