PFI: Learn. Pray. Vote.

Member Group : PA Family Institute

Learn. Pray. Act. Three simple words, but just imagine the impact they can have. Whether it’s raising a family, managing money, or – in this case – practicing stewardship at the ballot box, these simple words can become the catalyst for incredible transformation:

• Learn: Gather the information necessary to discern the Truth
• Pray: Ask God to guide your thinking and actions
• Act: Take action according to God’s prompting.

We are encouraging you to learn, pray and act in regards to the upcoming elections. Here’s what you can do:

Learn: To help you make an informed decision in this election, we have available for you our 2010 Voter’s Guide online at We also have printed guides available at our office for you as well. Just contact us at 717-545-0600 to make an order (please make bulk orders by the end of Wednesday.)

Pray: Would you be able to set aside one half-hour to pray for these upcoming elections? If so, we’d love to have you sign up for a time slot during our Day2Pray this Monday, November 1st. We’re aiming to spend an entire day having people praying for Pennsylvania and the upcoming elections.

For more information and to sign-up, visit

Act: Exodus 18:21 says, "But select capable men from all the people – men who fear God…" In other words, God says we are to select leaders with a desire to please Him and who base their decisions on scriptural Truths. Simply put, we are to select leaders who share our biblical values.

Election Day 2010 is the opportunity for you to do just that.

Your vote is your voice, and your right to vote is a great privilege. Please vote on November 2nd!
Thank you for taking some time to Learn, Pray and Act to help us strengthen families across Pennsylvania:

Act: Vote on Election Day 2010