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"PMA Perspective" Program to Bring Legislative Issues to Life

PMA Perspective: Airs Sunday, January 19 on PCN @ 5:30PM

PMA is pleased to announce the launch of a new half-hour cable program, "PMA Perspective". The show will air on the Pennsylvania Cable News Network (PCN) and will focus on how policies enacted in Harrisburg and Washington impact manufacturers, job creators, and the overall health and welfare of the working men and women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and beyond.

PMA Executive Director David N. Taylor said that news covering Harrisburg and Washington is too often produced in a vacuum that gives viewers and readers little understanding of how policy decisions affect their day-to-day lives. "If a business’s health care costs to cover its employees go up, for instance, we’re going to connect back to decisions made by our public officials that contributed to those costs," Taylor said. "’PMA Perspective’ will complete that circle."

The premiere will highlight legislation introduced by State Rep. Ron Miller (R-York) that would strike a provision from state law that currently shields union members from prosecution for stalking, harassment, and making deadly threats during labor disputes. "A film clip of union members stalking non-union workers and their children is only one part of the story," Taylor said. "The other part is that it’s a practice actually protected by the law. This is the kind of total picture ‘PMA Perspective’ will include in our coverage."

The first show will air on Sunday, January 19 on PCN from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The succeeding shows will fill the same Sunday time slot.

There is a range of interesting and timely upcoming topics on "PMA Perspective," including an interview with State Rep. Glen Grell (R-Cumberland). Representative Grell is an early supporter of reforms to reduce the unfunded liability in the pension systems covering public school teachers and state employees. The unfunded liability in the system has ballooned to over $40 billion, and will be a major cost driver in this year’s budget. Another upcoming show will examine legislative attempts to get the state out of the liquor business, and put wholesale and retail liquor sales in their rightful place in the private market.

In all, thirteen shows have been scheduled to air on PCN, with more on the horizon. "We have high hopes in that in our half-hour show we will give people outside the Harrisburg process — people who are busy working to improve their lives — the policy stories that affect their lives," Taylor said.

PMA Sponsors Public Radio’s "Ask the Governor"

PMA is proud to be the sole sponsor of "Ask the Governor", an hour-long interview format that airs monthly on Radio PA’s affiliate network.

Radio PA produces and distributes state news from across Pennsylvania with a special emphasis on the governor’s office and activity at the state capitol building. Read More…

PMA Hires Experienced Director to Film and Market "PMA Perspective", Other Film Projects

Joseph Robert Cooper (Coop to his friends) is the guy off-stage who makes everything go as planned on-stage. As the newly hired Media Manager at PMA, Cooper will ensure that "PMA Perspective" and other new video projects are produced seamlessly and on time, and he will take on the double duty of promoting the show beyond its Sunday time slot on PCN. Read more…

Upcoming Episodes
Week of January 20th – Representative Ron Miller (R-York)

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