Post-Party Summits to Equip Conservative Leaders for Political Success

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Post-Party Summits to Equip Conservative Leaders for Political Success

Conservative Groups to Conduct Regional Training Summits Across the United States

Purcellville, VA (February 24, 2010)— Citizens across America are demanding a system of government that is accountable to the people. American Majority, the John Hancock Committee for the States, and Smart Girl Politics will join forces to provide a roadmap for conservative activists on how to take back their communities and effectively engage in state and local politics in seven cities across the country with their Post-Party Summits: Organizing for a Free America.

"People have realized that it’s not enough to simply talk or protest. There has to be meaningful, purposeful action. The grassroots want to be empowered in a real way, not whipped into a frenzy with nothing practical to take home and apply. We’re going to give people the resources necessary to change the system they are confronted with," said Ned Ryun, President of American Majority.

The focus of the Summits will be education. They will provide practical and useful information to activists to accomplish their political goals, whether it is to run for elected office in their community or to learn how to be effective online. "It is not enough for conservatives to stand on the sidelines and complain about government and the loss of freedom. To change government, we must get involved and be part of the process. That’s why I’m excited about this. We will help conservatives understand and use the tools needed to fight for freedom successfully," said Erick Erickson, Editor of

The Post-Party Summits will be conducted in seven cities on the following dates:

April 23-24: Pittsburgh, PA & Jacksonville, FL (April 24 only)

April 30-May 1: Denver, CO & Indianapolis, IN

May 7-8: Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Kansas City, MO

Registration and location information, lodging and other details are listed on

"In the era of post-party politics, it is essential that the free market movement have knowledge of and the ability to implement the tools of 21st century political engagement. The regional summits are going to give folks the tools they need to go home and win: win in the political trenches, win in the messaging arena and win online. If you want to win, these summits are the place to be," said Drew Ryun, Executive Director of the John Hancock Committee for the States.

In a series of workshops, attendees can expect to learn how to effectively engage in a digital world, the steps necessary in forming strategic coalitions in their communities, hardwiring their precinct, running for elected office, communication strategy, and strengthen their leadership skills. All of the organizations involved in the Post-Party Summits: Organizing for a Free America are committed to turning the next generation of activists into principled leaders who will uphold the beliefs of limited government, free markets and individual freedoms.

"Smart Girl Politics is excited to be teaming up with American Majority, RedState and the John Hancock Committee to provide patriots across the country with the tools they need to be successful activists. At the end of the day, our goal is to educate and mobilize the people who transform conservative thoughts and values into the actions that ultimately carry our message forward," said Stacy Mott, Founder and President of Smart Girl Politics.

For more information on the Post-Party Summit: Organizing for a Free America, please visit


About American Majority
American Majority is a non-profit and non-partisan political training institute that believes change must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens effectively implementing freedom. It believes that individual liberty is achieved through limited government and free markets. American Majority identifies and trains candidates for elected office and trains grassroots activists for success in their communities.

About The John Hancock Committee
The John Hancock Committee for the States ( is a network of citizens whose goal is to build community around the issues of the day. Collaborating with patriots from across the nation, it is helping citizens reengage in the civic arena. Just like the Committees of Correspondence sparked the soul of a nation by connecting people across the colonies, Hancock wants to restore the sense of community that has made America great. The John Hancock Committee for the States is committed to play a catalytic and collaborative role to serve the citizen patriots who step forward to lead America towards a brighter future based on the principles set in place by the Founders.

RedState ( is the leading blog for right of center online activists. Established in May of 2004 by Ben Domenech, Mike Krempasky, and Josh Trevino, RedState has played an integral role in the right’s fight online against the left. RedState continues to be the most widely read right of center blog on Capitol Hill and is the most cited right of center blog in the media.

About Smart Girl Politics
Smart Girl Politics ( is committed to providing a conservative community for women to express their opinions and ideas in an open and welcoming environment. SGP, with over 25,000 members since its beginning in November 2008, is dedicated to reaching out into the community to engage, educate, and empower conservative women to take a more active role in politics. It strives to strengthen support for those political candidates demonstrating a keen and unapologetic commitment to our conservative values. SGP will support conservative women in all levels of government from local to national seats and will provide encouragement and resources to ensure their success.

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