Questions to DRPA About Its Tram

Member Group : Freindly Fire

Below are the inquiries made to the Delaware River Port Authority. The original request was made on November 18.

• It has been reported that $17 million has been allocated for the tram, and that $13 million was already spent. In total, how much was allocated and spent?

• When did work commence?

* What unions, if any, performed work on the tram? What percentage of spent funds went toward the unions? What companies and contractors performed the construction thus far?

• When was construction halted, and why?

• From where did the funds originate? (i.e., were they economic development monies, and/or federal and state funds?) The federal government has allocated a reported $8 million to the project.

• Are there plans to resume the project, and if so, when?

• With nearly $400 million in economic development money available over the last 10 years, including $24 million still remaining, it would seem that a lack of funding would not have been a factor in the delayed project. Was there ever consideration by the Board and Chairman to finish the project, given that so much money and resources have already been allocated to the tram?

• If the tram is a dead-end project, and government funds and grants were used for construction thus far, what happens to that money? Does it have to be repaid?

Chris Freind can be reached at [email protected]