Race-Based Assaults on Innocent Americans

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

American politics has been debased by certain Democratic office-holders, operatives and media who have cast America’s white majority – people they don’t and will never know – as “racist.” Indeed, four new Democratic House members, “women of color,” make no exception even for white liberals like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

One, Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), said, “…[W]e don’t need any…brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” In effect, Pressley is urging racial minorities to forgo intellectual/economic/political self-determination and think/act/vote tribally.

Sadly, no national media or Democrats suggested that Pressley’s statement is itself racist, repulsive or even divisive.

Democrats assert, maliciously, that only white people can be racist, a slander so pervasive that white people, especially white men, are shamed into ignoring the awful conditions in some predominantly black jurisdictions.

But not President Donald Trump who observed, inelegantly, perhaps, that parts of Baltimore are dangerous, rodent-, crime- and trash-ridden. The president made no mention of race, nonetheless, distracting from Baltimore’s blight, Democrats and their media enablers immediately cried “racism.” More accurately, Democrats were angered that Mr. Trump called out their municipal failure.

Democrats had no alternative. Baltimore’s worst neighborhoods are mostly black, and Democrats have dominated the city for generations. Failure to defend Baltimore would mean admitting the failure of Democratic governance, not only there, but in most/all of America’s worst-run cities Democrats have controlled for decades. Despite nearly-monopolizing the African-American vote for more than a half-century, Democrats have created many problems in black communities, but solved none, so Democrats are “psychologically projecting” – defending one’s own shortcomings by attributing them to others.

Too many Americans, especially blacks, are victims of progressive poverty programs that harm those they were meant to help. Programs intended, in part, to end racial victimization have made victimization self-fulfilling and multigenerational. Launched in the 1960s, public welfare changed almost immediately from its stated purpose – a hand up – to handouts, especially for those poorly-served and ultimately victimized by lousy union-controlled, government-monopoly schools.

Democrats tell blacks, falsely, that poverty results from prejudice. They say that slums originated in slavery and are perpetuated by hatred, when, in fact, many blacks – and whites – are poor because they lack proper educations, families and/or fell for the false promises of public welfare.

A few whites may express bigotry, but the most destructive expressions of racism today are accusations of “institutional racism” made by “racialists” – race-obsessed reverse-bigots whose offices, identities and/or livelihoods are derived from viewing everything through a racial prism and exploiting the divisive, politically-correct fiction that America is a racist nation while cynically demanding that Americans “come together” to defeat racism.

Inciting racial resentment rewards Democrats, but it divides Americans, drives whites from communities, destroys civic morale and authority, and imposes enormous economic and social costs on the remaining minorities, many of whom become demoralized government dependents – casualties of the “War on Poverty.”

Racism exists, but Democrat racialists’ market demand for white racism far exceeds America’s supply.