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This past weekend on my radio program, I talked with an all-star cast of political thinkers about the current economy and the 2012 elections. United States Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal, and Reince Priebus (Chairman of the Republican National Committee) all expressed optimism about Republican chances to hold the House, pick up seats in the Senate, and win the White House in the fall. Furthermore, all believe that President Obama is down in recent polls because of the failed Keynesian economic policies that he has forced — and continues to force — onto the American people, and the weak economy that has resulted. President Obama is also polling poorly because of his destructive energy policies, which are so unpopular with Americans that a federal inmate pulled 41% of the Democrat vote away from Obama in West Virginia’s Democratic Presidential primary.

Specifically, the President’s war against coal — which has been waged by his Environmental Protection Agency — will shut down 30% of our coal powered electricity and drive thousands of West Virginians out of work while raising electricity costs for all Americans. And for what? Our air is 40% cleaner than it was in 1990 and will already continue to get cleaner incrementally with cleaner cars and trucks, cleaner coal technologies, new nuclear power plants, and new gas fired power plants coming on line slowly over time. Even wind and solar will help in places where they actually make sense economically and environmentally. So why the rush to shut down a huge part of a whole industry when cleaner air is not a pressing issue and thousands of legitimate scientists are questioning the theory of man-made global warming? The fact is that more and more Americans are realizing that President Obama is leading us in the wrong direction on energy, the economy and jobs. You can listen to my program here.

Of course, despite the optimism that my guests and I expressed on last weekend’s show, it is still early in this political season, and Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal offered a warning that all conservatives must heed. Although it does not currently seem likely, it is possible that President Obama could win re-election. And if he does, it is possible that on his coattails he wins a new Democrat majority in the House of Representatives, while maintaining the Democrat majority in the Senate. Such an outcome would leave us close to where we were politically in 2009 and 2010 — when Democrat Party leaders had free reign to impose their left-wing agenda on America ($1 trillion dollar stimulus, 20% across the board increase in government spending, crony capitalist bailouts, Dodd-Frank regulations, and Obamacare). Do not forget that when Democrats controlled the Presidency and both Houses of Congress, President Obama said "Republicans can ride in the back of the bus." No effort was made to reach across the aisle or to be bi-partisan. Obama and the Democrats simply jammed their policies down our throats. Steve Moore argued that if the Democrats regain total power, they will wreak havoc on the economy. Even if Obama can remain in office for four more years and defend the radical agenda already passed into law, our economy — and all of us — will suffer greatly. And these terrible outcomes are possible if all of us do not take this election seriously. If you are a Republican voter, you must make sure you are registered — make sure your Republican friends and relatives are registered, and VOTE in November. In addition, please support Republican candidates with your time and or financial donations — any and all amounts help. It is the duty of all patriotic citizens of the United States to participate in the political process in November. With the possibility of voter fraud out there, we must win the November elections convincingly. We all must participate and we all must vote!

John Rosso, CEO of Peak Performance Management, also joined me with insights on our economy and what both sales people and executives must do to become and remain competitive in the current business climate. Business people must be willing to ask tough questions of themselves and be willing to change their behavior if they want to be successful. John and his team are hosting a Pittsburgh "Best in Class" Summit on June 5, 2012, which I will be attending. This summit will provide senior business leaders and sales executives with an excellent opportunity to network and share real life experiences with other individuals who face similar challenges every day.

There are a lot of reasons for Americans who believe in individual liberty and free markets to be optimistic about our future as we begin this 2012 election season. But it is imperative that we unite to defeat President Obama and his "progressive" allies in the House and Senate this fall. With some effort, we will not fail.

Have a great week ahead!

Glen Meakem is a successful technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and conservative talk radio show host, who offers information and insights on how individuals and our nation can be more successful. Glen’s unique perspective has been shaped by his experiences as founder, chairman and CEO of the B2B internet success Freemarkets Inc – which he founded in 1995, took public in 1999, and sold to Ariba in 2004. In 2005, Glen co-founded Meakem Becker Venture Capital, a firm that invests in early stage start up companies. Concerned about the liberal political agenda that has gripped the United States and his home state of Pennsylvania, Glen launched "Glen Meakem on the Weekend" in 2008. Glen served as an officer in the United States Army Reserve and is a veteran of the First Gulf War. He also earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his MBA from Harvard Business School. For more information about Glen and his radio program, or to read his blog, please visit
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