Recent CPAC Ratings Spotlight PA Freedom Caucus Members

Member Group : Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus

Harrisburg, PA: The Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) Center for Legislative Accountability just released its 2023 Pennsylvania legislative scorecard which featured all PAFC legislators taking home the coveted “conservative excellence” award. CPAC scorecards rate legislators on a range of bills, favoring votes that protect the values of life, liberty, and property.

In addition to every PAFC member scoring in the top tier of the conservative rankings, several earned perfect, 100% scores for the year. Further, in its “all time” list of conservative legislators in the Keystone state, which is an aggregate list counting all votes since assuming office, the PAFC boasts the top three performers.

“I’m honored to be recognized by CPAC in this way,” said Rep. Joe Hamm (Lycoming, Sullivan). “What’s more important to me than ribbons and plaques, though, is fulfilling a promise that I made to the great folks of Lycoming and Sullivan counties. I’m a reflection of their conservative values in Harrisburg, and it’s my honor to do it,” he said.

CPAC ratings have long been a litmus test for true conservatism, not just in Washington but in state legislatures across the country. Known as the nation’s oldest conservative grassroots group, CPAC, which was founded in 1964, keeps the pulse of American political conservatism with its annual scorecards and its very popular yearly conferences.

PA Freedom Caucus member and all-time Pennsylvania top three CPAC scorer, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (Clinton, Union) commented, “I wear this kind of recognition as a badge of honor. It’s a nice reminder that I’m carrying the convictions and values of my constituents to Harrisburg. It’s a great encouragement, too, to continue fighting for the principles and policies that we Conservatives hold dear.”