Reflections on Bucks County Politics

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I finally figured out that Bucks County politics is becoming the movie "Walking Tall". This is a favorite where Buford Pusser returns to his hometown after serving in the Marine Corps to find it being over-run by corruption and greed. He takes matters into his own hands with a 2×4 and then runs for Sheriff.

There was a construction site in Lower Makefield Township where an assisted living home now resides. I drove by one day to find, to my horror, giant inflatable rats from our electrician friends. They were very upset that the project was using free market labor. The nerve.

We were very excited to hear of a new Amish Farmer’s Market coming to Bristol. The only thing I enjoy more than a farmer’s market is a buffet. We were greeted by the remarkably annoying electricians of IBEW Local 269 from Trenton, NJ who were very upset by the guy in the hat who understands free markets. They urged us to call the owner to tell him how we feel and provided us with his number. I called Mr. Stoltzfus and thanked him for bringing a fantastic very well run business to Bucks County and for standing up to union intimidation.

Sadly, it gets better. The Makefield Elementary School renovation project was about to be awarded to the lowest bidder who, by sheer coincidence, is a non-union business. A higher bidder threw a fit stating something about windows not being up to specs. You guessed it – the temper tantrum was from union personnel who think it’s OK to play their games on the backs of our kids – NOT. They threatened to sue Pennsbury if they don’t get the contract. I could go into greater detail, but my delicate mind can’t take much more. After all, all bidders on school contracts must meet state-mandated wage and benefit requirements (that are in line with union wages and benefits).
Where’s Simon Campbell when you need him? Oh:

This type of intimidation encourages a good business to think twice about coming to a particular area. Some of our public officials are legislating like Philly and New Jersey politicians by enabling limited thinkers to manipulate the system for short-term political gain. The unions of today strive to eliminate competition, but the real champion of workers’ rights is the free market.

There are several things that one can do. Probably the best thing (if you feel that there’s a problem that needs addressing) would be to identify those politicians and candidates who are receiving campaign contributions from the likes of IBEW Local 269. Some gladly accept their campaign money which clearly condones this sort of union intimidation. Residents should most certainly vote politicians who demonstrate this behavior out of office.

They don’t understand the very basics of leadership which is simply taking care of your people and doing the right thing (especially when no one’s looking). My Marine Corps buddies and I often debated whether accomplishing the mission is more important than looking out for your people or vice-versa. We were split down the middle, but I’m a firm believer that properly taking care of your people allows you to accomplish anything so they come first ALWAYS (no exceptions).

Ultimately, the solution is for intelligent and experienced people to run for office who will take their oath of public service much more seriously than a blind allegiance to a political party or special interest group that uses fear and intimidation to get its way.

We teach integrity at home, but tolerate violations elsewhere. Sometimes we fail to exercise it ourselves and are even impressed by he or she who "gets over" the most. The days of apathy are over.

Individual liberty works. Freedom and jobs go hand-in-hand. States with right-to-work laws (where union membership and/or union dues are not a condition of employment) are booming and it’s there where Pennsylvania’s jobs are going. The solutions are simple. We The People are the most powerful special interest group in the nation and have to start acting like it. "Walking Tall II" should be interesting as we prepare our proverbial 2×4’s.