Saylor Responds to PSEA/Rendell Misinformation on House GOP Budget Proposal

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July 10, 2009

Saylor Responds to PSEA/Rendell Misinformation on
House Republican Budget Proposal

HARRISBURG — Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York), Republican Policy Committee chairman, today responded to misinformation that the Pennsylvania State Education Association is stating about the House Republican budget alternative.

Under the House Republican proposal, every school district in Pennsylvania will receive an increase over last year’s funding. The minimum increase is at least 3 percent, with the maximum at 32.6 percent. The average increase is 11.6 percent.

"If schools cannot manage their budgets with these increases in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our state’s history, then perhaps it’s time to find people who can," said Saylor.

The PSEA is joining Gov. Ed Rendell as he travels across the state, using scare tactics to promote a tax increase. As part of that effort, they are misrepresenting the use of federal stimulus funding in our plan saying that the state stabilization funds are not to make up state deficits.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Education stated in April that, "States must use the Education Stabilization Fund to restore state support for elementary and secondary education, public higher education…"

The majority of other states have used the federal funds as we have proposed, because the stimulus was passed as a way to help states balance their budgets and limit tax increases in this tough economic time.

Finally, the governor wrote a letter to the U.S. education secretary because he was not getting support for his tax increase. The governor admitted that the original Senate proposal was in compliance with the federal act, yet he asked him for a response to support a tax increase saying it would otherwise hurt Pennsylvania students.

"PSEA should start paying attention to what the federal stimulus plan is intended to do rather than participating in the crisis mode of operation employed by the Rendell administration," Saylor said. "PSEA needs to stop spreading misinformation and using scare tactics on the people of Pennsylvania."

The House Republican Caucus has offered a $27.27 billion, no tax increase proposal in an effort to end the state’s budget impasse and to ensure that state employees are paid. This fiscally responsible alternative increases funding for public education and continues funding for state parks, hospitals and universities.

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